So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Don’t underestimate the effect of that constant noise on neighbours…


Caw! That’s one mean looking Corvid, Hedgers. Bet that’s not afraid of no Bird Scarer. Or Farmer, for that matter. Stab his eyes out, more like…
Stoppit, bee.
We had a chilly walk, this afternoon, and came across the following shrub because of its glorious honey scent.

‘Sarcococca Confusa’ itizz and it took us ages to locate the source of that wonderful fragrance. Lifted the spirits, it did.
Soo xx


Oh, my word. I am not going to use Corvids or teleporters (wot the heck are they, in RL?) to cause injury or erm worse to my lovely neighbour. But, those Bird Scarers are really aggravating. Thanks, joe, for reining in the beely imagination.
Soo xx


Basically a combination of a JCB and a forklift. Definitely not something you’d want ramming your car—and certainly not when you were in it:


Ah,yes, the pallet forks…stoppit, bee.
Thing izz - I am very supportive of farmers in general. I truly believe that our local arable farmer has a right to protect his crops. I understand those around me who have sold (fairly non-productive) land for house-building. But, the horrible noise pollution of the bird scarers, added to the ever present beep-beep-beep of the construction machinery that never seems to go forward, the glore and the ever-filthy car (which Mr Bee says izz driving him mad) izz muddying my rose-tinted speczz.
Does anyone have a portion of gin, forra bee?
Soo xx


Have a Pitcher, Soo



Glug, and thankee, Carinthia.
All izz quiet, so I’ll take my Pitcher and book into the Library.
Soo xx


Provides Noo Pitcher Inna Discreet Manner



Where’s Gus?
Soo xx


Being a Sentient Nano-Smog ?

Hope she’s ok



Does that involve singing about hedgehogs?


I hope I haven’t put Gus off by adopting a Solar Death-Ray. It’s a worry, frankly.
Yer bee may have to go to bed.
Soo xx


We’ll try & lure her wiv Gin… :cocktail:



Good plan, Carinthia.
I have to go to bed, as Florrie’s Funeral will happen tomorrow and I must look smart.
Soo xx


I had me head in the understair cupboard. As a suicide method, it lacks a certain something, that something being efficacy. On the other hand I found some virgin dusters (notta lot of call for them hereabouts) and some forgotten tinsel.


As featured in the LL Halloween Disaster. Which could have been so much better, given the available kit.


I liked your post - what am I saying, Gus?
Prolly just hey and well met xx.
Soo zzzzzzzzzzz


Then again, the old ways are often the best…


That too, Dahlink: I was multitasking. But unaccountably not singing the Hedgehog Song.


Perhaps you were humming about what is on the end of a wizard’s staff Gus?