So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


I sympathise—it’s sodding painful. Trouble is, I’m not sure you’re ever actually clear of it; even if you deal with the current flare-up, whatever problem leads to the excess of uric acid remains—and I suspect that’s generally metabolic rather than dietary, or we’d all suffer.


Well Joe with my various other things including osteoporosis and osteo arthritis I am not sure when one ends and the other starts

I notice the gout in my fingers and elbows


In my case, it is (most specifically) iatrogenic, joe. My metabolism, like that of every ancestor I can find and all my siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles, is not prone to gout; never a case in the family.

Unfortunately they tended to die of their heart packing up in their fifties or sixties; I have failed to die, but the medication you get given when you have had a heart attack is one which is known to cause gout – and so do all the other medications which do the same job. So I am stuck with medicine to counteract the medicine; I just hope that it doesn’t have side-effects for which I will in due course need another medication, and so on.

I was slightly worried to be told by the GP that “we are being instructed to be more aggressive in our treatment of gout”; visions of amputation, and I am quite fond of my right foot really.


I aggressively treated my guts, today, Fishers. They haven’t, as yet, dropped off. To start:
Followed by:
A glass of Sauvignon was perfick, as accompaniment.

How was the Afternoon Tea, Carinthia?
Soo xx


Here I fed us a light supper of BLTs

Then I tried to knit with Bengal help

This was not a great success


Yum. Soo.

Orf to me nest.


Tsweep well, Birdie.
And good nights, all.
Soo xx


That looks delicious, Soo , as was my Afternoon Tea, but I didn’t take pictures

Assorted Sandwiches on good local bread, with a decent amount of filling

Little cakes & fruit tarts, again made on the premises

Scones wiv jam & cream for friend but plain for me, as the young waitress hadn’t realised my penchant for Cheese Scones

I committed sacrilege by drinking a large Cappucino with 2 extra shots in the afternoon & also had a bottle of very good ginger beer & 2 glasses of Eau de Tap

I was offered Wine, or Prosecco, but as my friend was driving, I wasn’t going to be mean

Medicinal Summat now, methinks, wiv Gin fer Soo




So good they named her twice?

Morning all. Yawn, tseep, etc. Fog is slowly clearing; I can now tell that there’s a far side of the valley, which I couldn’t half an hour ago.



Bacon butties ready

Fresh bread ready in 20 minutes


Lots of wind forecast in the south tonight.

No, really:


Oh great

The day we are driving to Galway to get my head seen by a nice neurologist who cured my edakes mostly


At least it’s not Limerick, Twellsy…

I do like the proposed new symbols, Dunnock



So do I - a perfect example of the hyperbollocks to which we are now subjected.

An elderly friend of ours has been regaling us with the tale of how her PC told her that some of her ‘drivers’ needed replacing and she willingly handed over her credit card details to ‘them’ in order to buy the new ‘drivers’… She has now cancelled her credit card with her bank and has a Good Techie arriving this arvo to check things out. This was just a chance conversation - how many people are being swindled/defrauded, one wonders.

Soo xx


After protracted reflection, have concluded that Sentient Nano-Smog is my Spirit Weather.


I am not a Subtle Bird, so I’ll stick wiv good old fashioned Firenado.


I will just be a cheerful old bat

Yes dear chatelaine anything is better than the plague pit


Scattered Satellite Debris seems to be an exact replica of my head…



I’ll settle forra Solar Death-Ray, thanks. Its first target will be That Ruddy Bird Scarer.
Soo xx