So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Don’t want you to be ill at all, Dear Fish. Good luck with the appointment.
Soo xx


Routine medication check, really, except I shall be pushing (again!) for a change from the one that gave me gout.


I’ll be in yer corner wiffa bucket and towels, Fishers.
Soo xx


Aaah the Cinderella form of screwmatical illness is our friendly gout

Bloody agony and so slow to clear with the white pills being all they offer

As you may guess I know nothing at all of the dear affliction supposedly only suffered by port swilling elderly gents…


How are you today dear wee bee?


Perhaps it’s ‘Prod a Fish’ day today… :wink: :mask: :fish:

Not a great morning so far, so I am going to have a small but perfectly formed Flump before I go out this afternoon.



A Very Good Plan, that.

[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]


Shambles in with bacon butties and a loaf fresh from the oven


Fighting Fit, Twellsy. Well, within ‘normal’ standards pour moi. Thank you.
A bacon butty would be reet grand! It might distract one from Ruddy Noisy Bird Scarers.
Soo xx


Here catch!

A bacon butty with the butter melting into the bread so it runs down your chin forra wee bee


I will not mess wivva Fighting Bee.


As I might have guessed, That Doctor had an ulterior motive.

She wanted to book me in for bluds in ten days’ time…


(makes a note to lay in Extry Minnow End Makings)


How does a doctor take an armful of blud from a fish what has no arms - just delicate fins?


Gets a Practice Nurse to do it (thank goodness).


Vampire Squid of course.


Aye, but then there’s yer bruvver, innit.

It’s good to know that the GP izz keeping an eye on our Fish, I s’pose. My GP couldn’t give a hoot about anyone, unless they want dermal fillers or somesuch. Our practice is now employing a complaints manager. I wish that they’d concentrate on just getting better.

Anyhoo - to celebrate the beely tummy’s return to good health, we’ll bee off for a Bella Italia, soon. I hope that our Carinthia has a very enjoyable Afternoon Tea.

Soo xx


Gawds! I almost missed this. Calamari izz off the menu, now.
Soo xx


White? I was given brown ones - diclofenac (branded diclac, voltarol, etc). Worked very well, so might be worth asking about.


That’s what I am fed Joe

Diclofenac and it is bluddy slow about clearing my gout

Three years ago I was told it would take 4 years to work fully

I await it starting to work