So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?




This Bird will do many things forra good bowl of custard.


But has to fight This Fish for it.



Chuck half a dozen eggses west so I can make proper custard for the fish/bird pair


I’m not sure a half-dozen is going to cut it—particularly if a party is being planned.


Righty ho

I will ask my friend’s 15 hennies to help out with eggses for custard

Anyone like meringues?

Make some use of the egg whites…


I’d prefer vanilla ice cream with my pud.
Soo xx


I’m sure I could find room for a meringue or two.


or seventy-five…


Wottever flottes yer îles…


Today has definitely not flottem me iles.
[Whinge alert]
Having had a scalp -splitting headache-from-heck all day (just about) my beely tummy decided to…well…suffice to say that I am a bedraggled bee
and didn’t have the oomph to apply me slap. Azz you might be able to tell.
Soo xx


Poor wee :honeybee:

I prescribe a nearly night and a large gin nightcap


Thanks, Twellsy and a good night to you and all.
Soo xxzz


Pore wee Bee.
Sleep well, and feel better tomorrow.

How is the Carinthian Harse - and, indeed, the rest of our Chatelaine?



Am emptying drawers as we speak

And Flumping

Friend is taking me out fer Afternoon Tea tomorrow, as my Birthday Treat , so I will need more energy than I have had today

Gentle Cyber Hug, Dear Soo



Ooh-er, Carinthia. Avva bracing summat.

Sleep well all Cellaristi.


It’s no bluddy picnic, izzit, being Chanticleer, you gets strangled just fer doing yer job.


Ooooo goody cock a leekie soup

Sharpens filleting knife


Well, if you can’t take a joke…



Rang the doctor at nine for a routine talk about me medication, and got an appointment today at twelve thirty.

I didn’t actually realise I was ill at all, let alone that ill!