So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Emergency Pitcher required, please

I have just read that M&S / S&M have produced an heart-shaped ‘lightly truffled’ & wrapped- in-bacon Sossinge for Valentie’s Day

The advert asks who you will be sharing yours with…



Sharing… sossinge?

[pourity] [pourity]


I was really surprised to see summat so crude in 2018 , apart from everyone knowing that one doesn’t share Sossinges

Very wet & windy here today

I hope that the weather has been kind for the funeral



There will be Roast Beef Sandwiches wiv Lime Pickle fer Lunch



Me please, hold the lime pickle.

I have one of those colds that started as a slight sore throat and has reached full-blown OW status when I breathe, double that when i cough a horrible dry unproductive cough that tears my throat apart, but has not yet progressed to more than about two sneezes a day and a wetness behind my eyes. It will probably be full-blown (pun intended) by Saturday, and I am feeling very sorry for myself.


[drapeity a warming blanket round a Poorly Fish]

Fiendish Ginger Drink?


Not until I have managed to finish my breakfast porridge and orange juice, but yes, good plan after that.


There will be weapons-grade minestrone in about half an hour or so. Meantime I suggest copious quantities of hot whiskey. (Doesn’t necessarily cure anything, but it makes being ill a lot more bearable).


That is the four-foot cure, isn’t it.


Sympathies to the poorly ones and to a Shocked Chatelaine.
I am still declining, having been usefully woken by the phone not long since.
Tea is available :- )


Tea must be available at all times.

I am having a bijou flump-ette so as to try not to get That Fish’s cold.


Have Gorn Orff abit meself, so weapons- grade Minestrone might be just the ticket,Joe



Am munching poppy juice

And willing tomorrow to come faster

I hope my nice neurologist can suggest summat for the odd edake as well as the nerve block


Loads of sympathy, Twellsy - also for all of our poorlies.

I’d wondered if Florrie’s Funeral would be sparsely attended. Not a bit of it, the Church was packed. I sat next to my old French teacher and had a lovely conversation with him, before and after the Service. Florrie would have been delighted and a bit embarrassed (I think) at all of the complimentary things that were said about her. We sang the Hymns with gusto and the local Catholic Girls’ School Choir sang Psalm 23, absolutely beautifully. Very pleased that we attended. Oh - sunny weather and really yummy food, too.

Soo xx


That sounds splendid, Soo

Candle burning here



It was splendid, Carinthia. A fitting trbute to a fantastic woman.
Soo xx


I sympathise, Twellies: eadaches is the pits. A sore throat you can try not to use to much, but you can’t exactly not use your head.


Some folk allege I never use my head!


Keeps yer neck from getting’ all spurty.


Help yourself! There is brown soda bread straight from the oven, too.