So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Thank-you Joe

Have also partaken ovvan Fearsome Ginger Drink & may well Decline forran Snoozette



That Fish is wivout t’Internet and I am out for the evening.


Oh no. Is it broken?

Sending get well wishes via the medium of Sparrer, please. To that Fish, I mean. But also the internet, iyswim


Netlessness could be considered optimal, for yer ordinary fishy types…
But, for That Fish? I can hardly bear the notion - really.
Sometimes (and rarely) I think that you are a hardened Spuggie, Hedgers. How could you leave it gulping so?
(It’s prolly having a nice rest in the waterweed, enjoying a Slammer or two, mind you.)
Soo xx


Safe in my fairytale world of gulping Fish escaping the neglect of Sparrers (only in The cellar) I am buzzing off to bed.
Kindest wishes to Twellsy for the 'Eadache, to Carinthia for the orffness, Gus for quite a bit of mehness, Fishers for sore froatiness and stuff to come, joe for residual leg stuff and chook morbidity and worse.
If I have missed anyone of you from my thoughts, don’t worry. You’ll be right up there, in the morn.
Soo xx


Noo Battery for the UPS has gorn phut. Twice in less than a week. Unimpressed Sparrer.


To be fair, the going out had already happened when the internet broke, and someone else was being given a lift to the event, so it wasn’t really practical for That Bird to come home and fix it.

I gather that the new-improved-super-terrific battery has died. And that what I have is a Temporary Fix just so I can play with the internet but not to do anything complicated with. When the bread is out of the oven I shall eat some and then go to bed.


Edake is a booga but others are not well either so I will wish them out of the same boat as I am in

Cellerati should be healthy and fit to enjoy life




\________/<----- Me Plate

I can never do anything complicated wiv the Internetty

Not even on a good day

I have just realised that I have to put the bin out




Sleep well, Fishy dere, and feel better the morra.

I suspect the purveyors of NBG battery set-ups will find themselves feeling somewhat the worse. And serve 'em right.

Shredding gets tedious after quite a short time. The machine gets bored, too, and clenches its teeth.
And the mess!


Does that not make it an IPS?


An SIPS at that.

(Some time when you meet Feral Techie, ask about the story of Resignation Night at Demon…)


Fingers crossed, Twellsy, that the Nice Neurologist can do something to help.
Safe journeys. Hope you are in less discomfort for travelling, too.


Resignation Night of the Demon?
About time HR did something to justify its existence. Sometimes a P45 is not enough…


(Matters not helped by a “real” network outage, as in not the fault of the kit here, of 33 minutes starting just before midnight.)

Wet out there.

Definitely a good day for a fryup. Sharing of sossinges is not needed, nor welcome.




Breezy out

ed akes

Poppy juice being used

I wish I were a norse as I would have been callled UHU long since


Gus dere

Must you show portraits of moi all over the gaff?


Pore Twellsy! I hope that you are given adequate pain relief, today. Maybe a nerve block in the offing. Gentle hugs.
Soo xx


As an alternative to the traditional bacon butties, we can offer the freshest eggs on toast you’ll ever get…


Love it !