So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?



Reminds me of going to a farm shop where the lady was in her kitchen and opened the door to come to tend us customers

She was preceded out the door by a rather indignant hen!

And took us to see the latest batch of piggies so we could choose our type for our bacon and ham

It was a joy to wander round a real live organic farm and see animals and birds treated with loving care


Is there any other kind?


Getting ready to go out for Dinner with friends



Enjoy it dear

You are wurf it


Avva good dinner, me dear.

That Fish is encasing itself in a protective layer of mucus.


It’s what fish do, isn’t it.


As long as you don’t do what hagfish do when threatened dear fishy

They secrete oodles of slime and escape through the yuk they leave


Urrrrk. Pore Fishy. Is the froat any better?


I, too, wonder about the Fishly Froat and gloopiness.
Twellsy - has your treatment gone well?
Carinthia is out on the town - have a great time, Dear.
I love the Hen And Toaster installation, joe!
Soo xx


Meanwhile we have had rain on and off all day, and now have Rain.


The throat is less awful but the tickly cough is still Lurking, and my nose has set up in competition to Thames Water.

I soldier on; I made supper, 'neveryfing.


You are a Valiant Fish indeed. And I very much hope the worst of it will be over by tomorrow. Fiendish ginger drinks. And honey.And Vaseline for the nostrils. Himself used to get horribly sore. That may of course have had something to do with the frequency and zeal and theatricality with which he blew his nose, but it was very rotten for him nonetheless.
I would suggest hot half’uns, but whisky isn’t your thing. Rum?


Oooh, yes it is; I like whisky. How about whisky in the fiendish ginger drinks?


Before bed, that sounds like a Good Plan. Possibly even a Very Good Plan.

Now, what would the collective wisdom recommend for buttockalgia? Legs as well, but ittiz mainly and literally a pain in the arse. Not exactly life-threatening, and a lot more bearable than a full-blown cold. Introduced mainly for comic effect, in fact. But the Gusly bum is hurty!


I have experienced this type of hurty nonsense. It has occurred when I have been sitting for long periods - painful the day after. My only suggestion is to keep moving, Gus. Voltarol gel is quite good.
I have a drop or two of Glenmorangie for That Fish.
Soo xx



Did I tell ever you that I know a man who has fitted “Glenmorangie” into a song?

“Glenmorangie, Glenmorangie, feed me till I want no more!
(I want no more)
By half-past seven I was on the floor…”


My neighbours hate you now ;- )


This is for That Fish:

Don’t drink it all at once. It’s a one for sharing, tbh.
BiL (the interesting Scottish one) and I used to drink a malt whisky on every occasion available. I knew and liked the taste of most of the Scottish varieties, but now could only make an exception for Glenmorangie - such is my magnanimity, Fishers.
Soo xx


But I once sat out a five-day Test at the Oval. Inured to sitting, that’s me.
Doing inelegant stretching. In between singing unauthorised vetsions.
G xxx


Singing izz good!
Or listening to a bit of Steve Reich, while drinking more than the Angels’ Share:

Soo xx