So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Good nights, Cellarites. I hope for less painful/poorly times for you all.
Soo xx


Gin, Soo ?

I have just got home, & am about to remove the Full Warpaint plus Garnets

Wonderful meal & company

I went Quaite Wailde tonight & had Pigeon Breast to start with & then Duck Breast wiv Fondant Potato & Lightly Pickled Root Veg with Buttered Kale & Sugar-Snap Peas azza side dish.

Cheese Board was shared afterwards

I gave my After Dinner Mints to the others…

Pours Brandy



After a spot of SR last night - ta, dere Bee - waking up to Spiegel im Spiegel. There are worse starts to the day.


Ones wiv no gin in them, for example.



What’s a day without gin look like?


Bleak and drear. Well, for you. For me it’s a day without vomiting, with luck.


Me too, Fishy



Thank you, Gus.
Soo xx


I am now in my spiritual home

Onna bar stool with my pint of beer in my hand

A rally is happening tomorrow


Hi, Twellsy! It’s good to know that you are happily ensconced. I do hope that the 'Orrible 'Edake has been seen orff.
Soo xx


Well don’t fall orff the Bluddy thing , there’s a Dear…

I have the now usual Saturday cold symptoms which I am about to address with an Medicinal Summat



Itizz a while since we enjoyed a Pernod…
Soo xx


Too true, Dear Soo



Here we are - I have served you first, Carinthia, but should you eschew the ice, that one could be mine :wink:
Soo xx


That one’s yours then, Soo

I am feeling rather cold ATM



A BM may be more appropriate. Have this first, Carinthia, and we’ll see how the evening pans out. Slammers seem to be good, so do warm blankets from the kist.
Good Health!
Soo xx


Happy Sigh



I have the barman assembling a large spicy BM for a chatelaine

And two of the rally crowd have sent pints of beer to me

I am a happy old bag



Lots of rally folks want to treat me

It’s rude to refuse offers of beer innit?


Exceedingly. But don’t be so polite that you fall off yer stool, dere.