So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


We would say that, wouldn’t we :wink:
Even so: best to be cautious with bar stools and previous brain injury collisions (she said, azzan expert in neither).

Mr Bee has encouraged me listen to (another) Philip Glass offering:

On consideration, it may be best to listen (should you wish) in the morn. It seems a bit like musical ECT, to me.
Good nights, Cellarites, with kind wishes to the poorly and sad among us,
Soo xx


Gin, Soo?


Thank you, That Bird.
I remain a fan of Hendtrick’s, so a large one of those, with which to buzz up the stairs, would be very good.
Soo xx


I knew you had good taste…

Night all.


Night Dunnock

Tsweep Well

Have been declining under my lovely cotton throw, & Pondering



There’s a limit to how much minimalism I can take, I’m afraid; too often all surface and no depth. Reich is always interesting, though (which reminds me—I’m supposed to be preparing Vermont Counterpoint). Pärt has some lovely stuff (I wouldn’t be without the St John Passion or the Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten), but has since churned out an awful lot of potboilers, ditto Glass; some great work up to Akhnaten, then he got commercial. Opening and Façades from that album are always a joy, though.

But if you’re looking for something to wake you up…


Loved the Xenakis, joe. Thank you.
I suppose you are right re Pärt and the potboilers but I have a v soft spot for him generally nevertheless. Out of touch with later Glass - was rather immersed in the early, kind of inadvertently: proximity to a music student, m’lud.
And tend to agree re Reich.


Ditto from me. I’m very wide awake, now.
It’s a gorgeously sunny day, here. Time forra shower and then a walk, I think.
Soo xx


[yawnity] tseep.

Fry-up ready under the fume hood so as not to disturb them as doesn’t.



Morning all

Brekkie buffet in this hotel is rather large and Varied

I did my best to represent the cellerati


joe, I meant to thank you for your informed opinions - I am, genuinely, in awe of your knowledge. You have given me the reasons why I dislike so much of Glass’ work, despite Mr Bee’s charming effforts to convert me. And - so much music, so little time!

Ooh, brekkies! A sausage butty would suit me fine and a little more Xenakis before our constitutional, methinks. It ‘feels like’ 3°, I’m informed. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Soo xx


Sunshine has given way to overcast & breezy here

Self-propelled Brie has been consumed - they were selling it orff at Tesco & 24 hours unrefrigerated has rendered it perfect



I am eating a small piece of Cambozola for lunch; it wouldn’t suit you, dear, but it’s exactly what I needed.

Sudafed is wonderful stuff. I slept without a runny nose, which is a great good thing.



Summat with a bit of ‘bite’ to it, to actually taste



Hurrah forran un-snuffly Fish!

Escaping from That Ruddy Bird Scarer (I know) we bumbled off to Wylam for our walk. Guess what - they have an even louder RBS over the river…A plus side to this is that it thoroughly terrified the resident Roe Deer, who shot out of the woodland and entertained us…Anyhoo, I am glad that we had a walk and that my stupid knee wozz just about up to the task. Don’t talk to me about the bee’s knees - they’re rubbish, one ovvem at least.

Soo xx


A legacy of your spectacularly swift & silent fall at Alnwick Gardens, Soo ?




If a Soo falls in the garden…

very Berkeley


'Fraid so, Carinthia. I wozz very glad to have you and Mr Bee by my side, I must say.

Gin? I think that I may. Thank you, Daer.

Soo xx


Izzit, Gus? I have been trying to liken my splat with Astaire and failing. It wozza bluddy nuisance for all, wivva legacy for me. Thing izz - if I were to seek a consultation with an orthopod, knee surgery would (probably) involve crutches, during the recovery period. I simply don’t have the upper body strength to cope with this. So, I’ll feel able to whinge to you and other preferred people until things get so horrible that I have no choice.

Soo xx


Bishop, dere Bee, rather than Busby.

And I had not realised that the knee needs surgical repair. Please forgive my fatuous burblings