So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Not fatuous, at all! I am only supposing that the beely knee (one ovva few) may require intervention because it just won’t get better. I haven’t sought medical advice because I don’t like the possibilities. Let’s hope that the warmer weather may improve things (if that’s not ‘fatuous’, I don’t know wotizz). Hugs, Gus.
Soo xx


More Gin

And Hugs



I may need it to cope with the metafizzicks.
Over my pity-party, now, I’ll prepare some leftovery stuff for kebabs. I’ll be listening to Arvo Pärt, Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten
Soo xx


I fell going upstairs almost 3 years ago Soo - a classic case of ‘do as I say, & not as I do’. I was carrying stuff up, & couldn’t see over the top of the pile so I tripped & landed very heavily (no other way for me :wink:) on the landing . I dislocated 1 finger & broke another , but the longest lasting injury was/is the fine twist & thump I gave to my knee.

I haven’t been able to kneel properly since



We are Sistas!
Soo xx


May I join the sistahood?

Knees are design failures


Always, Twellsy. Howz the head?
Soo xx


Magic injections have kicked in

I heart the neurologist

The osteopath however is soon to receive a bit a moan about my kneesies

I want some action towards a bit of relief


That’s a big plus and I’m glad for you. Onward and upward, eh?
And, gin.

Have a straw, Twellsy - I’ll share nicely.
Soo xx


Actually, it’s our fault for not using them according to the manufacturer’s instructions; they’re not supposed to support the whole torso.


Quite. Mea culpa.
We’re the bee’s knees then:

Soo xx


So, given that my knee(s) are being problematic, I’d like to change my avatar to something more realistic. I can’t seem to manage this - advice would be welcomed.
Soo xx


The easy way:

  • Click on your profile picture at top right, then on the cogwheel.
  • Scroll down to “profile picture” and click the editything.
  • Click on “custom picture”, then on the “upload picture” button next to it, and you can upload a picture from the computer you’re using.


Blimey Dunnock

You’re good… :wink::bird:



Aye, That Dunnock’s good, but I have left myself without a foot.
Never mind - footloose and fancy-free could be a dream.
Speaking of which - best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Gin, Soo

Bound to 'elp



Aye, Carinthia - unless legless izz next.
Good night, Dear.
Soo xx


Where are our wee bee’s feet times 3?

I like well balanced cellerati

I need balanced folk about me as I have bugga all balance myself


Don’t need yer feet till yer stop flyin’, Bee. Words to live by. Or sunnink.

Orf to me nest.


Don’t feel too guilty—it’s all the fault of Australopithecus and then Homo 'ewreckedus