So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Morning folk

Bacon butties on the table

Fresh bread on the table


Excellent thought.

Orf to the beak-fettler soon.



I hope you have less trouble than I have had in that department wee birdie


Good mornings.

I discovered last night that another person who was at the convention on 2nd and 3rd has had a stonking cold all week; that might explain where I got it from. Get together a hundred or so people from all over the country and the Furrin Germs invade the system.

I feel fractionally better this morning so I am trying the experiment of not taking a Sudafed and we’ll see what happens…


Could be worse, Fishers. Could be people with [shudder] children.


We get those too.


Beak still sharp and suitable for picking up of unconsidered trifles (also gin). Just waiting for the x-rays. I do like the way they scurry out if the room when they’re firing it up, even though I know why.


It’s quite a lot easier to come home all unknowing with an undesired cold than a superfluous child, though.



As I see it a lot of parents would be only too pleased to palm off their little darlings on any poor fool around


“Funny, I’m sure my backpack wasn’t this heavy earlier.”


If it’s the Cockytail-mixer backpack, it could always be a full bottle of summat


Me neither…



That would be rather more useful, at least in the short term.



The cockytail backpack is a thing of beauty and is supremely useful


Yeah, but much better when filled with gin than when it’s filled with childer.


One could train them to mix drinks, I suppose: ‘they’d be putti in my hands’

Sorry. Don’t know what came over me.


Just train them to pour Pitchers, Gus

That’ll do fer starters

Medicinal Summats all round, methinks



:bird: → nest

Night all.


Tsweep Well, Dunnock

I hope that Fishy does too



Er, why are you reversing in? (I’ve seen hens try that; the results are not usually conducive to calm and peaceful repose…)


To get the ol’ fevvers properly fluffed up for a chilly night.

This morning itizz foggy enough that the other side of the valley is Gone.