So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Right folks

New spex - subtle purple and gold on the frame and snow leopard patterned legs


Betty’s in Ilkley is all right. In Harrogate they’re a bit too popular and they know they don’t have to try.


Lookin’ gorgeous, Twellsy.

Bettys didn’t have to try, with me. I was seduced by the place. The contrast between the tea room and the ‘event’ I was being forced to endure was very marked. A couple of years older (and wiser, maybe) saw me attending a conference at Clatterbridge Hospital. After day one, me mate and I decided to bunk off, and spent the day in Chester. Luvverly.

Soo xx


Yerra woman after me own heart.


Very Assyrian, dere.
“Her gig-lamps were gleaming with purple and gold”


To go with the “squeakwinned pink heffalump bikinki”?


Apply shades!
Soo xx



I like subtle understated elegant clothes and accessories


Is it safe to come in yet?



Why would it not be safe dear?


Surfeit of Squeakwins…



It’s impossible to have too many squeakwins!


Finn with wine. Panic now.


“And if they don’t have dry white wine, let’s have gin and tonic.”


I’ll have an Medicinal Summat , please

Felt quite 'orff 'this afternoon, but better now



Izz there anything in my armoury that could assuage the grottiness, Carinthia?

I have made a shambolic attempt at deep-fried ‘onion petals’, this evening. Forra start I failed, when cutting them into ‘bird’s wing type items’. So, I pressed on with the separate petals. My batter was tasty (very - go me) but didn’t coat the petals properly and I think that I chose the wrong flour. Gus will probably tell me that’s no wonder (as I used potato starch), but I’d really like to know how to make these to serve to visitors.

Soo xx


Sounds interesting, Soo

I am due to have a blood test this week - I feel that there may be a flare-up coming on, but all will be revealed, no doubt

The Gusly One is indeed our resident expert on flour



I really don’t want you to have a flare-up, Carinthia. The Pernod remains unbroached, so you’d be welcome to the first ovvit, should you be willing to share afterwards?

But, now, I must lie down as I have the dreaded headache. Tomorrow is another day, as they say, and I look forward to it.

Soo xx


Of course, Soo

Medicinal Gin ?



Aroint thee, Carinthial flare-up!

(Well, it works on witches. So I’m told.)

Survived the Finn. Orf to me nest.