So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


I love these “Blooming Onions” or “Chrysanthemum Onions”. For too few restaurants offer them and one London Burger chain, Black & Blue have recently stopped. I asked why & they said that food safety requirements meant the frier had to be cleaned totally each night & that, frankly, it wasn’t worth making them any more.

I’ve done them at home with moderate success. The trick, I was told, was to cut, carefully, diwn to the heel of the onion, to then put the asterisk onion into ice cubed water & they will spread as if on a hinge. Then cover then thoroughly with your batter and dip then into a fryer with kitchen tongues asap.

And you WILL get a messy kitchen & messy fryer.

Almost not worth the effort. But it’s wonderful when it works.


Just seen the film 'The Favourite".

It was very good.


I would use ordinary plain flour, dere Bee. Or gram flour if I had any. But I am not any kind of expert on deep-frying fings. Cowardice.


I have never owned or even driven a deep fat fryer

BiL always had one, & used to make wonderful chips - he was an ‘assembler’ of food, rather than any sort of cook, but his chips were wonderful



I am mostly happy to pay other people to do deep fat fryin’ for me. Especially if it’s in another building.

[yawnity] tseep where’s me gin?



Oh … I forgot … removing the innermost pieces of the onion makes it easier.


joe and or Twellsy are that, I believe, Dahlink.

Said Gus, leaving doughy fingerprints on her tablet, bread being under construction



ME an expert!!!

Nope not me

Those blooming onions are lovely

And very very messy

Cut deep incisions to the root end of the beastly onion and take out the middle (it’s too dense to coat properly) and then sit in iced water (it opens like a scallion tassel you decorate salads with if you feel posh) until just before cooking
Then dry off with kitchen roll and dip into a tempura batter (a mix of plain and cornflour 50/50 and ICE cold fizzy water made to a thickish batter) and dip into clean oil (it’s OK to use the same oil to cook multiple onions in but naught else as the batter takes any flavour in the oil

I worked as pastry chef in a posh restaurant that did blooming onions and while I taught the head chef how to make assorted pastry he taught me things like tempura and in busy times I would be drafted in to woman the fryers


Very interesting, Twelly, thank you. And you are, clearly A Nexpert :grinning: My onion petals looked shoite, tasted good and the kitchen wasn’t a mess after cooking. No deep-fat fryer, just the small saucepan we use for frying spicy prawns. I used groundnut oil - would that adversely affect the stickage of the batter? I’ll have another go, tomorrow. Tonight’s meal will be Teriyaki salmon, 5-spice rice and steamed broccoli (I can’t muck that up).

Soo xx


I certainly wouldn’t claim to be a hexpert. After a year sussing out the vagaries of the current flour/yeast combination I use I can still get it wrong.

Which reminds me that a birfday cake is required today, so I must head out in search of Irel/Camp coffee…


Coffee Walnut ?





Soo the batter should be thick and it will leave bits open to the oil

Groundnut should work well having a high smoke point

I use a wok for deep fat frying on the occasional times I deep fry

I have fallen in lurve with rape seed oil as it has a very high smoke point and a gentler flavour than olive oil so I have switched to it for a lot of my cooking

It does super slow cooked fried eggs

ooo the Bull is still on light diet so I feel a fried egg and crispy bacon buttie coming on for my dinner


Actually,an Large Medicinal would go down well whilst I am waiting for this cake… :wink:

I have just made the mistake of listening to Friday evenings TA

I said I wasn’t well…

The weather has gorn all Epic & Biblical here too




Nice and elfy, Carinthia.

Soo xx


Yerra Lifesaver, Soo





Soo xx


Alas no—not a bottle to be found. Will have to be chocolate…


But wait—there’s a plan B! I just unearthed an unopened bag of espresso beans :slight_smile:


Adding coffee to anything is a waste of good anything.

Got out of Harrogate just as the hail was starting.


4 seasons in an hour here, Dunnock

Safe journey home

\______/<---- Me Plate, should an Hot Buttered Crust come my way