So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Fish & Dunnock both safely home.


Cake cooled and iced. Just coffee, sans walnuts, as per the birthday girl’s preference. Haven’t tried the sponge yet, but the coffee icing is rather good, if I say so myself (All courtesy of Jill jr., of course)



Pondering a minor engineering conundrum. Wivva beer.


I trust there’s no risk the beer will turn it into a major engineering conundrum?


A friend called this afternoon with a present

A whole planter full of snowdrops

I supplied the tub and compost (75 litres) and he gave me the snowdrops

Wasn’t that kind?


Lovely! Here we have daffodils and hyacinths and grape hyacinths and crocuses and a primrose, but not one of the snowdrops I planted a couple of years ago has survived.


I will have to lift all bulbs and perennials before a nice man comes to do our terrace

So I will have oodles of bulbs to plant up in the autumn


Failure of it to do so would be grounds for a refund on the beer, Dahlink. No, I shall approach it soberly and advisedly with my teeny tiny pliers and snips tomorrow.
Other ways in which those tools could usefully be deployed have sprung to mind all unbidden. Taxi to Westminster forra Gus!


What you really want, of course, is for it to turn into an SEP. Beer at that point is purely recreational, as is right and proper.


Yes, it was, Twellsy. Mr Bee dug up bulbs from our garden and planted them in pots - the idea was to transplant them into our ‘new garden’, when we move house. Well that dream is forever receeding from our view, but the multitudinous pots are all on the patio and are providing endless pleasure. Some of the bulbs (or their progeny) came from Mr Bee’s childhood home. A lovely and historically satisfying homage.

Very glad to welcome both of the Fishly-Dunnocks home.

Soo xx



I have been for a little walk, & to collect my paper .Cabin fever was setting in here

It snowed on the way back…



Harrogate managed a bit of sleet as well as the hail and the more conventional rain. (This is more impressive when you realise that I was out of doors for less than 30 minutes over the whole weekend.)


The weather probably waits for rare Sparrer Opportunities to bring out its best effects


Well, quite. If you will show yer beak outdoors, Hedgers…
Mind you, you’d have been unwise to show yer beak out of our doors, today. Not once, not twice, but thrice have there been incursions by Spawks - within a two hour time-slot that I have observed. Mr Bee izza a good sport and jumps out into the garden a-clapping hizz hands to scare the buggas off. I am now worried that, given we’ll be out in the morn, said hawks will be back and bag a birdie or three. As long as they’re not ploating their victims and stamping on their breasts by the time Mr Bee returns from the gym, I can cope.

It’s a lot more windy than the forecast suugested/is suggesting.

Soo xx


Itizz Howling here ,& Chuffing Cold

Innan Rare & Unaccustomed Moment of Genius I have managed to retune the TV in what was Mr C’s room

It has been playing Silly Buggas for months, & I, of course, cannot find the Destructions

I may need a Drink before I tackle the downstairs one




Well done for the one you have had success with, anyway; that’s a good start to be going on with.


Well done, Mme Chatelaine!
Have a Drink and a night of sleep before doing the downstairs one (that sounds rood, but you know that I’m not). Hmmmm…drink…

Another elfy one, azz I wazzanurse, y’know.
Soo xx


I can’t find the Destructions for either of them , which is ridiculous

Yes, a nice Glass of Summat would be appreciated



That izz vodka and soda, Carinthia. Not much of the latter, but kind of elfy.
Soo xx


If you know the make and model, there’s a fair chance the manual will be available online, often as a download from the manufacturer’s website.