So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Good advice, joe.

I’ll bumble off to bed, wishing all Cellarites good nights.
Soo xx


Thank-you Joe

Have written it down, & can’t now find it, so I will Look Again

Sodding Brain Fog



These days I look for a downloadable manual as soon as I buy summat, because the makers aren’t very good at keeping the things around years later. Not that this helps Carinthia. Give me a shout if you want to get Feral on it.

Orf to me nest.


Thank-you Dunnock

I am in the process of Downloading it

I will try tomorrow as I have just taken the Wappy Tablets



I have done it before the Wappy Pills kicked in!
Happy Sigh

Liberates Pitcher



Recipes, cultural insight, nostslgia, jokes and instant tooth decay: what’s not to like? I recommend this Mumsnet thread to keen bakers and cultural anthropologists alike.

A sample, re the DUP cookook, which is, apparently, A Thing:

I think that might be a step too far for me! One day I’d be innocently nibbling on a DUP mars bar cake and the next day I’d be shouting No Surrender at my jack russell and swearing that the earth was flat.


Gawds Gus

I need more Coffee now -I Snorked the first!

It’s abit early for Mumsnet, isn’t it ?



That Depends, dahlink [Gus muttered darkly]

Sorry about the coffee.


Bring back sumptuary laws! You know where you are wiv sumptuary laws.




I need bacon butties before I look at Protestant traybakes

I was dragged up on them and making loads of them for all sorts of fund raising events

Plus every Sunday afternoon baking the wretched things for the week ahead

Then there were the Mormons who tried to convert my family but who sort of made it clear that I was on their list of potential wives!

They were asked in by my deluded father and they came every Sunday afternoon to sample fresh baking

I sorted them with coffee cake!

How to test a faith…

Wicked teen that I was


Oof & Flump

The Parking Fairy behaved herself today & I got 2 hours free parking near to Church

Sadly no coffee cake or traybake on offer

Had an armful of blood taken & then did a little shopping

Managed to leave 1lb mushrooms on the market stall


I’ll get them another day

Liberates Pitcher



Pub has Vale 80/-.

All is at least slightly right with the world.

[pourity] forra Deserving Carinthia


Holds out empty bucket


[pourity] forra Twellsy who’s probably bin Up to Somefink Evil (and if not I am gravely disappointed)


I have only been plotting baking for ABI cleaning under the bed measuring a cardi washing my hair and thwarting a leopard who wants to help

I also have been keeping an eye on the weather - Gareth is a coming with lots of rain

And it’s bitter cold here


The weather may be a bit of a shock on Wednesday to a DDD who has been in Oman for three years. Her coat will be rather thin for it; I hope she can grow more quickly.


So Wednesday is DDD Day then, Fishy

How exciting

Have had an Snoozette



All good; the things she needs for her stay have all arrived.


Can rectify the first at least. Came out rather well, if I say so myself. Freshly ground and brewed espresso is definitely the way to flavour a coffee cake.


Yes, my Late Mother would make a ‘mouse-trotting’ brew, & then add a spoonful of Camp coffee to it, too

Happy Sigh