So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


That would be lovely , thank-you

I am gearing up for the blood test on Thursday



Better thin it out wiv vodka to give it a rest till then.


Yer. They get ratty if you block up their syringes wiv unthinned bludd.


Ratty is not a good thing to be if they’re doing the blood thinning bit…


True. Pore fings.


Bugga the rats, I need my Neutrophils to behave !



Gus, being hard of thinking, heads off in search of recipes for Newt Truffles…

I want yer neutrophils to behave as well.


I fink the newts and the truffles would each be better separately.

Like gin ‘n’ tonic, which is much better if the tonic is kept over there where I can’t taste it.



Thank Gawd fer that, Dunnock

I have been awake for most of the night




Commiserations. Pore Carinthia.

Hey, I got bitten on the bum this morning, something which, as s respectable widder-wumman, I was not expecting.


Good Grief Gus

Dare one arsk by what , or whom ?




I was wasting time in idle contemplation (and also on the bog) while a hard-working cat urgently required breakfast. Sidled round and nipped me nethers, the wee git.


Good Grief Gus

I say again

Itizz cold
Sossinges are being cooked



Now, Gus THAT should be a scene in the Archers.


Ask why leopards are NOT allowed in the bathroom…

Also ask why I am smiling loudly as I type - sorry gus

Bacon butties on the table

Would a chatelaine like some of this fresh loaf for sossiges?


I have to go into town this afternoon, but will go on the 'bus,as I feel too shaky to drive

I have also put the heating on…



Medicinal Summat before you go. (And more waiting when you come back.)


Wottan Good Idea, Dunnock




Flump, with essence of Snoozette, methinks…



That turned into an 2 hour Snoozette…

Prolly time for another Medicinal…