So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Oh goody - slug au vin.


Nowt wrong with a good slug o’ vin.

Or beer.

Or gin.

Or, well, I’m sure you get the idea.


Did someone say gin?




Am I too late?
Did I mention my kitchen dimmer switch going ‘poof’ and then smoking and stinking, yesterday evening? Then, this morning, the water went orff at 08.40. Mr Soo was successful in his ablutions - Sis and I had to face the day in a minging state. We had a Big Family Tea to attend. So, that was fine. Especially as Mr Soo gloated, all day.
The electrician will attend on Friday, the water has been reapplied to the Hive. I type in the light of the piano lamp - Carinthia knows this and will recognise that it is inadequate.
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


oh dearie, dearie me, Bee. Kick the mister sharply in the shins for smug cleanliness and ungentlemanly gloatage
Just coz you have only a dim religious light to work by doesn’t mean you can’t air some highly irreligious thorts on here. We will be forgiving of typos and most definitely get the gist of wotever…
Gin is the answer, I think. That, and steel toecaps. And nosegays.
G xxx


You are wunnerful, Gus.
I have informed Himself that cleanliness is next to smugness and he is suitably bemused.
Soo xx


Aye, bemused is where one wants them, azza rule ;- )



Tea, anyone? The sky is brightening and feathered louts are gargling and spitting preparatory-like.


It’s never too late for gin…

While I was away there was a Birdly Symposium about 4am on Friday morning. I 'ad to 'ave Words wivvem. Dunno wot young birds is coming to these days, they ought to be out drinking till 3 like wot I used to, and it never did me any harm.



Morning folks

Bacon butties and hot loaves fresh from th oven on the table

We have to purchase a new kitchen light this morning
The excitement of life in the hovel!


What would you say were my chances of finding a 48" chest linen blazer in a light colour, ideally straw-coloured, in a charity shop in June?

I don’t either, but I shall look for a bit, until I get bored. This is while I am looking for four absolutely unlovable ordinary-mug-sized mugs which won’t matter if they get broken, to put wool into for multi-coloured knitting. There is rainbow wool left over enough to make another smaller scarf, and waste not want not, but I have broken the handles off two mugs already and I am quite fond of the four that are still intact. So I want to replace them with ones advertising electrical components or schools which are trying to raise money or other such enthralling and almost certainly ugly things.

Soo, it sounds to me as though you are a bit fud; not an acronym, a Burgessism. He was a man who felt that our language had some gaps in it which needed filling, and fud is his word for (1) In a state of déshabille, or confusion or (2) a mess, or half-done job. To which is appended, in the book where I found it, the comment: “Remarkably, Burgess created this word years before the invention of pastel-coloured hair-rollers and the late-twentieth-century custom of proudly wearing them to shopping malls.” Not that I am suggesting that you are wearing plastic rollers; heaven forfend. Just that waterless, one it often in such a condition, one way and another, and electricityless the same. It is not always voluntary.


Stupid bloody fly. Bloody stupid bloody fly.

It has got itself behind the blind on the big bedroom window which is awkward to open, quite apart from the fact that Mrs B. Cat has found a new mission in life, which is to get through or behind or up said blind to put an end to its stupid-bloody-fly antics and is going to do herself a Mischief and quite probably cause Destruction. Or hang herself.


Anna Waterless Fish izza Sad Fing.

[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]


(oops, that was the tequila, never mind)


You know what happened last time someone did that to me.


[Helpful profferty] here’s some Triple-sec an some lime juice an some ice an eggwhite an salt … [Shakity]

There you go. Nice soothing, nourishing Margarita.


Quick wave from the Macular Dept at QMC



Waves back atta Chatelaine


Too hot for waving here