So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Wafts a Bee gently bedwards onna cloud of gin fumes. Not an eel in sight


Christ onna Bike…

I hope that you found yer Gin, Soo,& am so pleased that you have had a good day



we can get you eels if you want, Dahlink. Or a hovercraft.
G xxx



Please God




Ah. Sorry. Hovercraft it is, then.
G xxx


Nice language you’ve got there. Be a shame if it developed irregular verbs.

(I am told that people raised speaking Esperanto are changing it into a less-regular language, much to the disgust of their parents - who had to be fairly fanatical about it to raise them speaking it.)



Kids, eh?

I find that oddly cheering.


Today …. off to Manchester to watch a bunch of old guys playing music.

You may not have heard of them but they’re called “The Rolling Stones”.



Have a good time, Armers.


I have just heard from the Orsepiddle that my Orthotics have arrived

I’ll pick them up this afternoon on my way to BiL’s

He has to go to the Orsepiddle again tomorrow

I may be without Internetty, but will send Pithy Messages when I can



I am joyfully hammockilng

It’s only 33C in a my garden



Sensible 15-ish today.


I have just discovered, in the cupboard, an unsuspected unopened jar of Sainsbury’s instant coffee powder, bought when I still used the stuff.

The bbe printed on it is October 2011.

Is it likely that there is anything which could disimprove instant coffee powder? Would it still be safe to use it as flavouring?


That rather presupposes it had a flavour to begin with.

If you’re looking for something for a coffee cake, just get a bottle of Camp - even Darina Allen recommends it:


I’d use it fer small experimental explosions, persona!ly. But it’s probably not tecknicly poison.
Whatever William G reckons.


If I were contemplating using it to flavour something, make up a strong cup of coffee with it first and taste that.


Yes, but Joe, I already have this!

And I have a bottle of Camp already too, for flavouring; I just wondered about not throwing the instant away.

Good plan, Gus. Or just feed it cold to That Bird, who doesn’t like coffee anyway but does want both liquid and caffeine on hot days.


Stop the Food Waste Campaign at the EPA has done research that proves that 50% of the lettuce we buy ends up in the bin.

That would suggest that 50% of people realise that while they like the idea of lettuce, the actuality leaves them cold…


Afraid 100% of the last one I bought went that way. I forgot about it. you see.


Not so much bin as drain, at that point.

Lettuce can be good bait for catching food with.