So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


I am all overcome by my crafty group

They bought a cake for mbirthday

And made a veersion of me in felt

With a silk dress and a ball of wool in on my hands

Aren’t folk kind?


Oh … hippy bathday T’Wellsie.


Wheeeeeeee tiddly tseep!

I am in the pub. Wiv Rochefort 6 wot is one of me favourite Beers.


ooooh! S’nice, thattiz.


Whereas I am stopped 'ome watching Some Like It Hot.


Ooh Err

Am finally able to Post here from my 'phone

I need a Drink…



Are you still with BiL? I hope the appointment was useful.

Did you capture yer wandering orthotics?
G xxx


Hello Carinthia! Slammers?


[Pourity] [pourity]


Slammers required urgently


It’s abit fraught here, to say the least, but I’ll be home tomorrow pm

Collected Orthotics on Tuesday on the way to BiL’s

Haven’t yet been able to try them




Gawds indeed, dear Chatelaine. [Shoves slammer across the table in slient sympathy \_/ ]


Pourity by the bucketful here.


Bright but cloudy day, a bit less 'orribly 'ot than yesterday. Lots of people visiting over the weekend, and preparations to be made.



It was not hot yesterday. It was cold enough for me to feel that I might go and put on socks. London is not the same as here.

And it is going to be warmer today, but not hot.


Does the dear wee bird need to moult and grow lighter summery fevvers?


I wish. Stuck wiv me normal plumage, I am.


Afternoon All

Am back wiv Internetty anna Deep Thirst…



'ave an Ealing Aircut


[emergency pourity] forra Carinthia.

(thinks about waving tiny tin of tonic over the vodka)
(OK, that’s enough)


Ye gods…