So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Horrifying, isn’t it.


Sometimes I worry, Armers.

This is one of those times.


You are very welcome Gus.


I am rather disturbed by that there filum

I need a bit of a dip in the gin lake…


I’m so proud !!



Now I am really concerned for your mental elf!


Meanwhile in the Hedge… another grey day, not excessively hot. Board games happening soon.



I hate having a burst blister on one of my small toes. It’s so difficult to get them to stay apart so I can put a plaster round it.

BBC weather says we can expect 23° today, and it’s ever-so-slightly muggy with it; open doors and windows now to get a breeze going through!


Which is most acceptable to consume in front of normal people:

  • a tin of (off-brand) energy drink;
  • pro-plus;
  • nasty instant coffee, cold brewed in a mug of milk?

Enquiring sparrers want to know.

Lumme. I just typed “soarrers” (I’m on the shinyphone) and it got auto-corrected.


Energy drink dear wee bird

Then you can wash the taste away with beer later…


Ouch, Fishy

I feel your pain

Energy drink, Dunnock, but inna glass

Once, in an almost-but-not-quite Medical Emergency I was obliged to eat a tin of Heinz Martyr Soup


From the tin *

I do not particularly like Heinz Martyr Soup

In my defence, I did use a soup spoon…



Freddy, is that you?


Flaming amateur, that lad. As an independent businessbird I feel he’s bringing the profession into disrepute. More disrepute.


I see that itizz National/International Gin Day today

I expect that the Gin-drinkers -you know who you are, will be sleeping it orff this evening …



So, I was packing 20 Champagne Flutes inna box, to lend to DiL for her 50th Birthday party tonight

It’s a good job I had 21…

A Drink anna Lie -down, methinks



Oh bums, dere Chatelaine.
Drink and low-cost sound eminently sensible courses of action
G xx

lie-down, dammit. That tablet is a bastard.


I would say that people are most likely to understand your drinking coffee; that it is cold and instant may not worry them, because they may not realise.

Proplus will.

Off-brand energy drink is likely simply not to be recognised; but they might ask to have some.


Well, low-cost drink is always welcome (provided it’s actually drinkable, of course)


I can honestly say that none of the above would bother me and am now a little puzzled as to whether perhaps they should. [rockity] [gibber]


Ooooo gin day


I will start with a pink gin to match my pink heffalump bikinki