So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


This is a sparrer realising that other people mostly don’t make instant coffee with about an inch of water-from-the-fridge and then top it up with cold milk, Gus.


If’s a pretty poor state of affairs if a Sparrer can’t make coffee to preferred passerine specifications* in a Sparrer’s own house. Down with the Beverage Polis, say I.

*Don’t the granules stay sort of, well, granular in cold water?


That was what I expected, but apparently not.


Oh. Interesting.
Thinking about it - not the granularity, the whole ‘cold-made coffee’ ndaba - iced coffee is A Thing and perfectly socially acceptable, so Why The Heck Not?


Apparently some people make iced coffee hot and cool it down, while others make it cold. I am lazy (pauses for shocked gasps and cries of “not you, Sparrer!”) (pauses some more) so I thought I’d try it cold and see what happened. Less faff for me.


oh all right then [gaspity] [shockity].
Not lazy, dere Hedgers, just practical.


I’m still trying to decide between topping up the mug with milk, which gives me a long cool mildly disgusting drink, and necking the small amount of concentrated cold coffee (very disgusting) and then having a nice mug of milk. Depends on my mood, really.


Were I that way inclined, which I very much am not (cow juice? really? Let it rot and make it into lovely cheese!) then I would take the one mouthful of disgusting/mugful of pleasant. But it’s yer own beak and you are a Bird who has attained the Age of Discretion ;- )


I am of the opinion that were I to try to neck a double teaspoon of instant coffee dissolved in an inch of water I should be sick. The milk would not make up for this, nor make the caffeine have stayed in my system.


I cannot drink coffee

Tea is my favourite drink

After gin

And beer…

Coffee makes me queasy and gives me an edake


I despise the stuff, but it’s a delivery vehicle for caffeine. (And it has the advantage over an energy drink of not adding more sugar. Thanks, I’m as bitter as I want to be.)

Another bright sunny day, bah humbug.



It is not warm, it is not sunny, and it is not bright. Pah.


Soggy here and a balmy 13C

I will swap for sun…

And warmth


21deg here, with very high pollen levels

The party was lovely- spent most of the evening sitting outside drinking Prosecco

Former Girl Guide Carinthia had the foresight to take a (matching) jacket , so was fine. The others borrowed blankets & jackets from Birthday Girl’s Mum

A non-drinking Sister-out-Law very kindly brought me home. I walked there in 7 minutes, but the feets were protesting by 11-30pm



Sounds like a good time being had! Good for you.

I am spending time collecting every Archers cast-list in the Genome Project; this is laborious, because it is so ordered that collecting them automatically would be more work than Feral Techie wants to do, and I have to do it by hand. I am up to 30th March, 1957, after several sessions.


Anyone want to hear about my marathon nail polishing session aided by leopards?

Any fondness for the beasts has evaporated faster than the gel top coat sets


Good luck with that. Why does it have to be so arbitrary?


Dare one ask about the gemome?


Essentially it seems to be the contents of Radio Times between 1923 and 2009 – but not all of them, and in a form which means you have to go to the right programme and click on it in order to open not a page of the RT but one entry in it.

I am on page 106 of "every entry including the words “The Archers”, and there are several thousand pages of those. Not all are six-line “The Archers” entries which open to give a cast-list; some contain the word “The”… And not all Omnibus editions contain a cast-list; some just give the name of the programme, some give writers and director and producer but not cast: this means that opening them is futile since they have nothing to copy out. It is somewhat soul-destroying; but I do not trust the BBC not to delete it suddenly and for no reason, I had better do it now, while I can.


My soul was almost destroyed by reading that, Fishy…

I do applaud your dedication…

I think that we need Slammers, TBH