So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


He was not himself the source of the information, Gus; it was said of him, by a man who had stayed in the house and vouched for the two cats (I think they were Four and Five) doing as they were told.

Soo, I am thinking sternly at your neck in a “now you behave someone sensible” way…

Goodnight, all.



Snow boy is enchanted by nail polish remover and grabs cotton wool soaked in the stuff to play kill

I worry about that leopard

If opposable thumbs were a possibility then I would just give up and let him run the house


Not sure my thumbs know what they are doing this morning

Orff to Rheumatology shortly

Will deffo need a Yardarm when I get back



Busy morning but let’s just put this


here in case anybody needs it. If the Met. Office is right this should be the hottest day this week, so I’m spending it in the garden.


There does seem to be something of a theme developing here. BN had Siamese too, I believe. Well, he certainly did have Siamese, but whether he had only Siamese I can’t remember now. I believe they are widely held to have more ‘dog-like’ traits than the respectable domestic moggy. So it may not be down to force of personality at all (sorry) but selection of cat model.

I was woken by my feet being prickled in a gentle, experimental and yet persistent fashion. Yes, it was past her breakfast time, now you mention it.


Beverly Nichols had Siamese cats; as far as I know all his cats were not Siamese. The one illustrated at the front of the Cats’ A.B.C. helping him at his desk is black. Possibly Oscar, who was named before BN rescued him from an unhappy home. In the text he also mentions being accompanied by a white Persian kitten.

Cats who assault me when I am asleep get flung, entirely without any conscious decision on my part since I am not conscious at the time.


I was wrong: in the Cats’ X.Y.Z introduction it says that “Four” is the black cat who does “the Act,” feigning neglect to attract attention and gain his way. “Five,” with the smallest appetite of the three, is yet round and plump. The cover shows a back view of two grey tabbies with stripey tails and possibly white shirt-fronts, one decidedly plump, and a black cat, so I assume it is a trio of portraits.

And there is a picture of BN with a tabby-and-white cat called “Leo” within the book, so presumably after “Five” he got bored and moved on to other names, unless he took to adoption of unfortunates who had names already.


Which reminds me: if anyone doesn’t know this, well worth a read (well it’s Hugh Leonard, innit?):


Strewth. £ 202.77?


Well there’s this alternative:

  • Title: Rover and Other Cats
  • Publisher: Penguin Books
  • Publication Date: 1993
  • Binding: Soft cover
  • Book Condition:Very Good
  • Signed by Author

About £14 incl. p&p from Dublin

Or you can fish it out of a certain S American river for next to nothing (would have posted that link first, but there’s no image)

24p for the hardback!


A bijou challenge-ette for you on this excessively hot afternoon… wot do you think this is?




3.5 hours later am back

Liberates Pitcher and assumes an Recumbent Posture

Wiv feets elevated



Long expotition that was.


My appointment was for 11-40am, & The Insultant, for it was he wot I saw, was running 30 minutes late, which had stretched to 35 by the time I was seen.

A 20 minute wait forra blood test, & then a rather ill-advised bit of shopping in town before getting a taxi home

Have eaten summat, taken tablets,& will have to lie down, now



Avva Soothing Summat while you rest, me dear.


The Tomb of the Unknown Pineapple Slice?


Fresh crusty bread hot from oven.

Also experimental muffins on pan. Not entirely convinced so far…

Any takers?


I’m all in favour of Experimental Muffins.

It’s the nozzle of the 3D printer, which I took off to give it a bit ovva scrape - looking down the inside. Taken wiv noo shinyphone, which I reckon is pretty impressive. Here’s a more conventional view:


A bit ovva ‘niche’ poser that one, Hedgers. However, as with all new-found knowledge, I’ll have it forra while until I forget it.

Soo xx


Ah. So I’m guessing that the bit in the middle isn’t pineapple after all. Unless you are diversifying into flavoured extrusions*. Clever noo shinyphone.

*or ‘experimental muffins’, as some people call them