So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


No; it’s the conical hollow down which the semi-liquid plastic is pushed to get it from 2.85mm down to (in this case) 0.4mm.


nano-Bonsai is yer friend, then, for the bromeliad component.


Says something about how our minds work. I was thinking feline anatomy…


I was thinking of some sort of sea creature


So you and joe are probably on the same page, Twellsy (and I must say I am surprised at you, and not a little shocked)


Slept on the sofa for 3 hours

I think I’m awake now

Prolly need an Reviving Summat



[pourity] [pourity] [pourity][pourity] [pourity][pourity][pourity]

I’ve been sleeping like that lately.


I am hoping for sleep, but am a tad despairing. Please send subduing thoughts to my stupid neck.
Best nights, Cellarites.
Soo xx


I am very sorry the neck is bothering a Bee, Soo. I am glaring in its direction, most forbidding like.
Hope you can sleep and that you find things improved in the morning
Gus xx


Thanks, Gusly One. I rarely whine about it, but it’s being a bluddy pest.
Soo (otb) xx


I am giving it a Hard Stare and encouraging it to shut up and stop it.


on the booze? Should think so too, dearie. If one cannot self-medicate for a pain in the neck, when can one? G xx

You aren’t what I would call whining, by the way. I can coach you, if you would like :wink:


Threatening a misbehaving neck onna bee with a leopard to beat it into behaving

Gus I used to dive and some things in the briny are even odder than my imagination


Gentle Hugs & Gin,Soo, is wot I prescribe



It’s a nozzle off a 3D printer I think !


Bit late there, Armers, but as your consolation prize I’ve got this shiny new



Cooler & breezier here today

Yardarm most welcome



Oooh, I duuno.

I long ago realised that putting an answer in AFTER it’s been revealed is a winning way.

It got me through my Chemistry homework for 2 years.


Today’s beer-at-work is a draught Guardsman:


You still do, into the gin lake. The things you see in that, though, probably aren’t really there The turquoise squeakwinned octopus and the clown-fish complete wiv baggy trousers have both so far eluded David Attenborough, for instance.