So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


You mean I am not really having rides on the bejewelled sea horseies?


That reminds me. Lidl will, from this Thursday and for a short period only, be selling inflatable flamingos. Perhaps I mean flamingo inflatables. Big pink fings wot float, anyway.

This has been a Public Service Announcement for the benefit of the Cellar.


Good Grief…

Garlic Butter Chicken this evening with Lime & Coriander Rice

Anna Drink…



Talking of supper, I have made a remarkable discovery: it becomes ready earlier if you actually put it in the oven. Thought the time was probably ripe to boil some poor innercent broccoli and then realised there was no smell coming from the oven. Which was empty. That which should have been in it was still in its foil-covered dish on the counter. Arse, said I.


Coulda bin worse. I had a friend who (shortly after having a baby, and thus a bit twurgled) put a load of washing into the oven and the chicken in its roasting dish into the washing-machine. Luckily she did them that way round and realised what she was doing before turning the washeen on, and the nappies were not badly charred.


I wouldn’t have fancied a chicken roasted in that oven…

‘twurgled’ is good


It’s truly excellent.


How is that neck, o Bee?


It’s no worse, Gus. I have been fairly inactive (but not sitting) all day, today, but must meet a Friend for lunch, tomorrow. Thanks.
Soo xx


That isn’t what I was hoping to hear, exactly. But half a hurrah! anyway. And I hope the lunch is enjoyable and a welcome distraction.
G xx


The person with whom I’ll share lunch is understanding of my limitations, Gus, so I’ll have a good time. Mr Soo will take me to the eatery (ghastly word, but…) and I’ll take a cab back home.
Soo xx


If it helps, I could sanction the broaching of the Pernod





Bless you, Carinthia! That bloomin’ Sista of mine has made it such that I’ll have to buy another bottle, for shame. Would that I could have the Gitanes wivvit. Sigh.

Soo xx


Hmph, there is no “pipe” emoticon in this thing.

Virtual fags is allus available, though.


Wafts off onna cloud of…
Happy times.

Soo xx


Well, that’s altogether better. I’ll be off to bed wishing my Cellarites sweet dreams.
Soo xx


oooh yum. Lovely nourishing Gitanes, even if the wrong blue. [purrrity purrity]


The deeper shade of blue is fine by me. I’ll take an unfiltered one up the stairs and see what Himself makes ovvit.
Soo xx


Anyone with whom I lunch tends to go away with a fairly accurate snapshot of mine :wink:


You have limitations? Hadn’t noticed.

Orf to me nest.