So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


rrrrrkshmpfle[footshufle] indeed, and many of them, but you are a gallant Sparrer.

[ptang!-tinkle-lightbulb-an-revolving-eyes] ‘but I’m workin’ fer me restraining orders next!’


The day of the great ripping out of the kitchen is next Monday.

I need to empty the blooming room I guess. Anyone want some TUC crackers, best before Feb. 08 ?

… & does tinned food REALLY keep forever ?

… & why do I still have 2 plates I took to university 42 years ago ?


I adore seeing the somewhat elderly foodstuffs i have languishing at the back of the cupboard on the rare occasions when I have done a gull clearout

I once caught the Bull happily throwing out spice jars because they were out of date

Err explaining that refilling the jars but using them for ease of storage is economical took some time


If the tin isn’t bulging, it’s still good.

A friend of mine had some Polish plates, bought at the local market in Preston. When he moved out, we dropped them twenty feet onto concrete. They chipped the concrete. Not sure where they are now, and I don’t think I want to know.



All old jars in this household are checked for reuse before being thrown out!

I did a thorough kitchen clear-out when I was having my “fling one thing a day” year, and got rid of quantities and quantities of jars and bottles of various sorts which were being kept in case I needed them; the space they occupied has filled up with

jars and bottles of various sorts which ere being kept in case I need them.

oh well. They are more organised jars and bottles, at least.


The Bull is now aware after a few percussive education sessions that the contents of jars are not always the same as the printed label

We are being warned of howling gales later today



Er, why not just print a label?


When in the kitchen I usually have mucky paws or am decanting powdery from a large pack into a smaller jar so am not in printing mode…


Write them/print them at a different time

I use those self-adhesive address labels for all sorts of things. The cheap shops around here have a box of 175 for a pound

Warm & ‘muggy’ here, with exceedingly high pollen count

Have had a shower, & have to say that I am really pleased with the Noo shower head wot I bought . It’s a StoneStream,& aerates the water which is economical, & feels better on my skin

Have we had a Yardarm yet?
Thank Gawds

3 hours ago though- I have some catching up to do…



Hint to drivers.

If you want me to cross the road in front of you, and you slow down, that’s very nice. Thanks! But I’d really rather you were facing towards me rather than craning round to look into the back seat. Somehow I lack confidence in your ability not suddenly to lean on the accelerator.



Are we having Slammers ?

Mr C would have been 84 today, so an Drink or 3 is in order



ooof, Dahlink. \_/ <— an Slammer.
Raising a glass here.
<<<< >>>>
Gus xxx


[pourity] [pourity] [pourity] :cocktail:



Am ready to Flump forrabit



A significant anniversary, Carinthia.
Gentle hugs and this:
Soo xx


That looks good, Soo



Itizz full of vitamins, fibre and beely hugs, Carinthia. You could get used to it.
Soo xx


Just as long as it doesn’t put hairs on my chest…



Oops. I must modify the fuzzy bee component. Just drink it down and value the extra insulation when Hector strikes, Dear.
Soo xx


[cofff] [coff]
< passes tweezers on a discreet silver salver of moderate size >