So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”. ~ Desmond Tutu

Too kind, Gus. Together we’ll overwhelm the world :smile:
[Grateful pluckity]

Soo xx


Under-pollenate it, more like.
I remain your fuzzy friend, Cellarites.

Good nights,
Soo xx


Gin, Dear Soo



Home safe. Storm o’ Doom supposed to get here tomorrow; I’ll be off to Oxford.

Night all.


As good a place to be Doomed At as any. Mind yer fevvers, dere


Twangity ouch!

Where have all my eyebrows gone? [hums annoyingly until shot]


I have largish branches lying on me lawn.

Yet sun streaming through the windows.


A good honest cool grey day hurrah. 80% chance of heavy rain in an hour or so, they say.



Very very breezy here too

The Wheelie Bins appear to be starting a Formation Team…



Several mini power cuts here, which have broken the nameserver. Feral is fixing it. I am pouring beer for Feral.


That’s the only thing we can do for Feral, Dunnock

Lines up Interesting Beers, in case it’s a long job



And we’m back.



Happy Sigh

Is our Fishy ok, or in need ovvan Minnow End ?

We used to get power surges here ( Ooh Err Missus), but I haven’t noticed any for a while…



Minnow End would be good. I am fighting it out with the design of a rainbow shoulder-bag to go with the rainbow scarf, and it is thirsty work.


That sounds splendid, Fishy

The scarf was beautiful

I would suggest lining the bag with a firmish cotton fabric & using an ‘O’ or ‘D’ ring to attach the strap.

You could use a charity shop bag & clip the strap from that on, or a leather belt

((___) ((___) <------A 2 Minnow End problem…



One glass for the Minnow, one for the End?


Summat like that, Dunnock



Ah, I shall use wooden curtain-rings such as are used on my bag, to make it into a back-pack if wanted, or a shoulder-bag. It’s a very clever design, and one she’s admired once or twice. The strap (something between fine and six feet long) goes from tied to a ring fixed to one bottom corner, up to and through a ring fixed on the opening of the bag, in the middle of one side, through eight more rings fixed round the opening, back through the first ring at the top and then down to be tied to a ring on the opposite bottom corner. When it is in use, the rings are pulled together and close the top of the bag. If the strap is long enough, it can be worn over one or both shoulders as one pleases.

I was thinking of thick curtain-cord, the twisted sort like rope.


I need a lie down after reading that, Fishy …

A decent Haberdashery or anywhere selling curtain fabric should have the different gauges of cord for you to choose from

Liberates Pitcher



My brain hurts, now. Clever Fish.

Mr Soo has driven off to Tesco for wine and sundries. We are to be graced by the presence of That Poodle (and her hangers-on) for the weekend. The wine is partly in honour of the visit, but largely because “that ****ing ash tree” is causing Himself distress. It doesn’t belong to us but resides on the council grass to the side of our house. At various times of the year it sheds branches, leaves, and husks onto our lawn, is HUGE (occasioning furious lopping sessions) and the worst of it is that he wanted to dig it up when we moved here 34 years ago, stating that it would grow too large and I stopped him. Well, I was concerned that it would be classed as vandalism. The gale is enabling the tree to shed all sorts of debris onto our lawn. So…wine.

Soo xx