So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Make sure you get a spare pair next time, Twellies… and keep it somewhere safe and not where you would find it by mistake.


An Austrian friend broke her Spex at the campsite -metal fatigue, I think

She did have an old pair with her, but she also had her prescription written down

This prompted me to ask for a copy of my prescription - have never bothered before, but she was 4 hours away from her optician, & I was 1000 miles.
I have separate reading & distance/driving spex & couldn’t manage without either



I have a Bride to see this afternoon, so have managed to carry the cheval mirror downstairs without injury to either me or the 'orse, & spread old white sheets on the carpet

This isn’t really necessary, as all the dress needs is an hook sewing on, but the Bride is Godchild’s Best Friend, & poor as a Church mouse*, so I reckon the full trying on & twirling palaver izzin order

I will lie down when they’ve gorn…



You are a kind person, Chatelaine.


Church mice get fat on candles…


Grit in eye alert!

I second that.

Soo xx





It will be 2 hooks & am moving a flower to a more attractive position

Have sent her to Primark fer Underpinnings . I hate Primark, but she is young enuff & slim enuff to be able to get summat in that Vile but Useful ‘Nude’ at a bargain price.

Her parents are boycotting the wedding & anything to do with a celebration


I have been there & know what it feels like

Goddaughter’s Mother, my Dear friend K will be doing the flowers ,& her husband will act as Chauffeur for the day , so we are all doing our bit

I’ll open a Bottle of Fizz when she comes to collect it



That’s sad and lovely, all in one, Carinthia.
Share a bottle before the pick-up?
Soo xx


We can share at least a bottle a day for a few days, Soo

Happy Sigh



Hurrah! Slammers?


thurdy liook


Happy bee, me.
Soo xx


Forgive me for talking to myself, but I have just kwoffed severial Slammers, unsupervised.
Tomorrow, OH and I will attend a matinée performance by Rambert, accompanied by a mutual friend. I am very much looking forward to this.

Twellsy - when will your spex be fixed, Dear?

Might be off to bed, soon.
Soo xx


That sounds like a lovely outing, Soo

Several Slammers is always good…

Carinthia. xx


I too am for bed soon; I am feeling Virtuous, and bedwardly.


I think that it’ll be an entertaining afternoon, Carinthia. I’ll wear my ‘chubby’ faux fur jacket*, as OH wants to do the whole drive/park/Metro thang and it’s ruddy freezation around these (and many other) parts. Sweet dreams to you and all Cellarites.
Soo xx
*OH hates the chubby jacket. Quite a lot. Hah!


Ha Ha indeed, Soo

I can’t, as you know, wear owt chubby or short…



Hurtled home via Glorious Škoda - down to -1½°C out there, but surprisingly dry roads given the high air humidity. Orf to me nest.


This morning: grey and white sky, slight breeze up the valley, Early Birds catching up on the gossip.