So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


How civilised, Dunnock

Summat Fortifying, methinks

Carinthia. xx




Gaw, they’ve still not got yer glasses sorted?

[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]


Moty teert

i tryu ri hot yer virrecty kerys…


Can be nasty, that…


Eire works on its own time, Dunnock

Twellsy’s bit even more so, apparently…

Twellsy, what about the much vaunted Voice Recognition Software, or would we get gobbledygook from the parrot as well? :wink:



Used to be literally true:


Time. Hmmmm.
Rambert was watched and enjoyed, for most of the time. The intervals (one of 20 and the next of 30 minutes) punctuated two excellent pieces, but left us hanging after the third, longest and less than satisfactory piece (‘Goat’, by the way). I am clearly a dinosaur, but I was thrilled to see Ghost Dances:
I last saw this in the '80s, loved it then and thoroughly adored it, today.
Good evening. Mine’s a G&t, silver plate.
Soo xx


Evening All

Another positive meeting, this time with the Rheumatology PhysioTerrorist

More exercises to do, but slowly,& either sitting or lying down

She doesn’t want me to start swimming yet - would rather see how much the Magic Medicine helps or not, but is happy that I have bought a BodyBlade, 'cos that can be used sitting down, & for 5 minutes at a time.

I feel that Severial Slammers would help too




Dear me, your glass is broken. Let me fix it.

[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]


Wotta Dynamic Dunnock you are, to be sure. My glass has been leaking for weeks, but I didn’t like to mention it…
Soo xx


That sounds a bit interesting. I shall investigate in the morn. Very happy that you are having positive meetings with people who can help, Carinthia.
Soo xx


Sounds flamin’ dangerous to me, or maybe like one of them gurt thick swords you get in some anime:

but each to their own…


I’m thinking that isn’t sort of like a Ladyshave at all…


Gus xxx


Mega Snorks, Gus !

It would have to be a big 'un…



There are videos of it in use on YouTube, & a short video on QVC . I’m not sure what effect it would have on your poorly neck, but you can see reviews/ questions on both QVC & Amazon



My favourite anime-not-anime-maybe-is, is Samurai Jack. I bet he employed BodyBlades.
Soo xx


I am returned from the gym, to which (after consulting with the endocrinologist) I have gone back, unfreezing my account with them which had been fruz since June because there was no point in paying not to be able to do anything. At the moment I am to stick to walking and bicycling, not too strenuously, so that is what I did: cycled for 25 minutes and then walked until I was sweating hard, 6.5 kilometres, which took a very long time and left me wiped. Yesterday was the first, short trial, done secretly in case I wasn’t able to at all; I didn’t tell That Bird until afterwards for that reason.


Don’t mind me, I’ll just hang here till me feet un-clench again.


Tha’s a Sneaky Fish, but a Clever Fish.
More power to yer fins.
That’s me away to bed.
Best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx