So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


yerra brave and active Fish. Not wishing to be any class of a wet blanket here but did your endo-wizard tell you to cease and desist should it end up making you feel like boiled shite, though? Because that should have been explicit but might not have been voiced.


He did. He twinkled at me and said he would trust me to stop before I fell off the exercise bike…


I know. But what can one do?
OH put up with my chubby jacket, this arvo. He is, I think, growing accustomed to the idea that the Very Warm Clothing already in One’s Collection is preferable to ought else on the streets. Mind you, we are talking Newcastle - well I am.
Soo xx


Ah, is that one of those northern cities where the nice young ladies prove how 'ard they are by going out in mid-winter dressed for Honolulu? (I’ve seen 'em in Liverpool and Harrogate…)


I’ve seen 'em in Liverpool
I’ve seen 'em in 'Arrogate
And by 'eck, yon lass
Needs a shove through a narrow gate…


He doesn’t know you very well, does he ?

Dunnock, do have an Hug, & this Bottle of Gin wot I got out for you when I was getting Soo’s …



[delicate shlorpity]

Actually I do trust That Fish to stop before falling over and floating all sideways-like.

Dun’t mean I like it…


Habsolutely no comment hwatsoever.
One question, though: does A Fish really, truly need a bicycle?


I meant to put a ‘considered’ wink by my last post…

Because one desperately wants to be/feel well, one sometimes tries to push things too quickly

I heard another Physio trying to explain to someone that she would prefer him to do 5 lots of 5 minutes of specific exercises, & still be upright rather than the whole 25-30minutes, & be done in for the rest of the day. He wasn’t happy

The Late Mr C used to get very tetchy if he couldn’t exercise - which for him meant playing sport . His GP stopped playing squash long before he did, & he was 20 years younger…

He had no truck with ‘slow & steady’ though , & slow walking used to give him backache

I think that you probably have to vary things abit though - 1 of my customers was abit gym-obsessed, & would spend 90minutes ‘just working on her shoulders’

She did look remarkably like a Shot-Putter…



I am glad you have a consultant who does twinkling; much more reassuring than the po-faced variety ime. If he could just now work out what the beegledy hell is going on with the Fishly metabolism, that would be perfect.


Our Fishy izza ‘One Orff’, innit ?
Deploys Proud Font…



With you, dahlink, in principle, but Ide say The Fish is one Orfe


Considering temperature preferences, I reckon itizz a Tropical Minnow.

Sky about half blue today, force 3, good flying wevver.



Neat Gus…

Ooh, an Yardarm

Thank-you, Dear Dunnock

An BM would be good

Carinthia. xx


Aaah. Liverpool. The city where no-one has ever said “do you think that’s a little young for me ?” … ever.


Does that look like a minnow?

I mean really?



Time for another BM, methinks

One of the ‘spindles’ has come out of the Recyling Wheelie Bin, & the lid was flapping about in the windy weather

I have effected a temporary repair, using left over bits of dowel rod which will do until I can get the Council to come with a Noo part

Everywhere, both inside & out looks slightly scruffy

I will close my eyes to it fer now…



Last time that happened to us, it was 'cos the bin-men had casually torn it off while taking it to the lorry and back.

I have been looking at halls for hire for a boardgaming thing later in the year, and found one that’s painfully expensive but otherwise perfect. So that’s where we’re going…


I have had 4 replaced so far, anna Noo Lid for the black bin

Ouch, Dunnock

Haven’t hired a hall for years, but vividly remember counting heads to see if we were going to break even, in the past



Hi honeys outta my way - the gin lake needs me in it!!!

I got my spex back