So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Hooray, Twellsy! Your Official Translator on Peet’s (the lovely AuntAdaDoom) can now stand down.


“Let me through - I speak Twellsy!”

[pourity] [pourity]


That’s a relief, Twellies.


Not much, but then again neither does your avatar, dere, really. You are clearly a piscine master of disguise and quite possibly in the pay of some sinister organisation.


I wish; I could use the money.


Interesting; I’d never really thought about piscine chirality before. Can’t imagine why.


We are not bleedin’ whelks!


Beneath the dark and complicated tide
Whelks grew in silent spirals, side by side
Until: ‘Oi, matey! You’ve gone chiral!
Youtube! Massive! You’ll be viral…’
And the chiral whelk he shrugged his shell and sighed:
‘I’m in me stationary chiral phase
I’ll invert elution order straightaways
And me column, it is durable:
No crucible or thurible
Can turn me from me HPLC ways’

The tide came in and the tide went out
A few hundred times and more
And our friend – call him ‘Whelk-0’ -
He wriggled and said: ‘I’m sick of the ocean floor.
It’s a lousy locality to practise chirality:
I wish I were on dry land.
Where, leaving aside the debates of morality,
Some spirally types make a stand.
Down here, immobile, I’m live meat for Pirkles
While honeysuckle and bindweed join tendrils in circles.’


I’ll have wotevva you’re on, Gus…



Well if you’re sure, dahllink…
< proffers brimming bumper of a fruity little paintstripper >
Drink it up nicely before yer glass dissolves and it eats the carpet…


Well there’s a thing. I do hope the whelks appreciate your genius.

I am back from the gym and heading for bed, via porridge-making.


Irish Old Lady Aunt once stood what she considered to be a safe distance from the horse my Father was seated on ( that’s a fair distance) & ’ swatted ’ him with Holy Water

Except that she had got the Poteen bottle , also helpfully labelled Holy Water

It burned an hole in his jumper…

I am looking forra telephone number wot I can’t find




I do hope you mean the gansey rather than the hoss, dere…

(Chortling wildly. I have indulged a couple of times and lived to tell the tale, just)


As long as I have not been instrumental in driving you to bed, Fishy. I is not minnowist.


We’ve watched ‘Trainspotting’ for the first time in our lives.
This is driving me to bed, Dere Gus, not you.
Sweet dreams,
Soo xx
(Glad Twellsy’s eyes is put right.)


You’ll need Gin, Soo

Proffers Noo Bottle…



Agh who mentioned the craythur?

I have seen it eat granite floors

Gin is better behaved


Well yes, dere. Hence ‘crater’ for a dunt in a bit of rock, doubtless caused by careless drinking and or/flingage of drink


You can always tell a scrumpy bar in Devon, 'cos there’s a tiny bit of varnish left in the corners.

Orf to me nest.


… & what did you think Soo ?

I was in class for 7 years with Danny Boyle. First name from the register twice a day. Nice guy, but there were no signs of what he went onto.