So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


And the reason you know that there is a tiny bit of varnish left in the corners is, of course, that you have seen them up close, having been drinking scrumpy…


I have thought about this.

I need a



Good idea. I’m orf into That London to drink several beer.


Hands a tiny satchel containing bacon butties to a dear wee birdie

Cannot have beer on an empty stomach

I will be playing with scissors paper and fabric today

The pattern says 2 and an eighth yards for my size

I have ten yards of fabric so I hope for one skirt…


Borough Market first, but I never say no to a bacon butty…

(I have just been watching Local Robin, who is now too fat to fit between the bars of the Birdie Palace.)


It is a Rotund Robin never mind a round one.


Good mornings, all.

Thinking about Rotund Robins made me remember Flabbily Fat Finches well one such, anyhoo.
Many years ago - when such things weren’t a Sin - Sis and I kept finches. We eventually decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea (although the little things were let out to fly, twice a day) and we were down to our last one, Peter (of course). We went away, overnight, and Peter escaped through the bars at some stage. Finding nothing to eat apart from sugar from the bowl, he must have gorged himself, because, on our return he was plumpily sat, next to the cage, completely unable to squeeze back in.
Soo xx


Re ‘Trainspotting’, I don’t feel any the better for having watched it. Grim, obviously. The baby will haunt me forra while. Well acted and directed. Robert Carlyle played a blinder, I thought.
Soo xx


I hope that you have found your Spare Spex before you start anything, Twellsy

Be honest with yourself about your size - if you make it too large, it’s a simple adjustment

If you make it too small, or the size most of us like to imagine ourselves, then adjustment is more complicated…

I now have ‘Rockin’ Robin’ as an Earworm




Yes. It IS grim & I agree, tbw baby scene is utterly disturbing. But overall I thought it was a novel approach to tbe subject of drug induced squalor, yet people somwhow surviving … should you need an approach at all.

I recall Barry Norman interviewing Danny on Film 19whatever and accusing him of glorifying drug abuse & him replying that if this was glorifying it it’s a good job he didn’t attack it.

T2, released last year, follows it up well & is worthwhile if you can face it.


I think that I shall watch T2, Armers. The survival aspect is uplifting. BN got it completely wrong - nothing the slightest bit glorifying about that film.
Soo xx


At least they didn’t stone the baby to death to shut it up, as happened in Saved.

(I saw that at the Royal Court, when I was rather too young for that sort of thing. How I got in remains a bit of a mystery to me.)


Not a story I’m familiar with Fanta. Sounds worth missing for that scene alone.

T2 still has grim parts but it’s humour is more direct and IS more uplifting. Without ‘spolers’, the scene where they find themselves in a Loyalist club was v good. It also reminded me, just a little, of the time in a Republican club I declined to make a contribution to ‘the families’, (the families of interned or imprisoned P.IRA men).


I have just read a plot summary of Saved.
Ye Gods.
Soo xx


Saw Saved at the Wolsey Theatre in about 1981. It’s not (quite) as grim as a synopsis probably makes it sound; it’s very powerful piece of theatre, well worth seeing.


It’s the whole dead baby thing that freaks me out, joe. I’ll not say ‘never’, though.
Soo xx


Totally off the subject

I have just had an hour’s phone call from Sudden Daughter, who as well as delighting me by bringing up a (political) subject about which I feared we were going to disagree and telling me what she thought – and it was exactly what I think! – has arranged to come to lunch tomorrow.

Ti-ra-la-la-i-tu! I gloat! Hear me! Ingle-go-jang, my joy, my joy!


Happily Kipled, I gather!
You do make me smile, Fishers.
Soo xx


I wuz drug up proper, I wuz.


How wonderful, Fishy

Wot are you planning to eat ?

In Other News: The 45 year old copper bottomed stainless steel chip pan (sans basket), wot used to be my Mother’s, has developed an Blistered Bottom

Quiet at the back

Time for the Soopa Doopa Ikea Bargain Pan to assume its place in the pan drawer, methinks

It has been living in the garage