So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Of course you aren’t. I can see perfectly well that Bonnie isn’t a bee.


Grey day.

Orf to That Cambridge.



Morning all
Bright but freeeeeeezing here


7° here
21° at the Camp site

Snot fair…



8° here, with a cool north-easterly. Ugh.
Soo xx


7° here too, and going down to 6° tomorrow according to the BBC. It’s meant to improve a little on Tuesday, up to double figures.


I am sitting in the conservatory as even though it is cold out the sun heats it

I have come over all smartypants with a needle thread a measuring tap and pins

Nice big pins that I can see

Thank you chatelaine - I may have a straight hem if I am careful…


The easiest way of measuring hems is to turn the skirt inside out & put it on the ironing board with the waist at the pointy end . Measure from under the waistband to the finished length you want + hem & mark with a pin, or chalk .

It’s a great way of levelling up & you can cut off what is left over

The ironing board supports the weight of the fabric, & allows for accurate measurement

Decide on how big a hem you want - say for arguments sake that it is an inch, then, having clean-finished the raw edge, you can go around the hem pressing up 1" with your iron, pin it, & sew it at your leisure, either by machine, or hand

I do hope that you have an ironing board, & iron somewhere, as you can’t sew without them



Great advice, Carinthia.

Meanwhile in the SooPee kitchen (used to be Soo’s kitchen but, due to retirement, there is an Interloper) we have made nut roast, vegetarian gravy and are about to embark on Yorkshire puds (to be frozen and used on another day, as I had forgotten about the defrosting king prawns…).

Soo xx


Am interested in the swapping of Yorkshire puds fer King Prawns …

Am going to decline on me Chaise with me feet up forra while

Have eaten, & am suddenly knackerated



A little something forra knackerated Chatelaine.
Soo xx


Happy Sigh




That is how I did the hem of the skirt

Being a lightweight denim it has a quarter inch hem hand stitched

Yon Bull bless him sorted out my ironing board and dug out our iron - a decent heavy steam job

My ironing board was made by Grandad for Grandma when they married in 1931 and is solid oak


Quarter of an inch is abit narrow, Twellsy

Quarter of an inch turned in, pressed, & then turned in again is more usual

The Junior Darlings have the Beldray ironing board, wiv sleeve board, wot belonged to my Mother

It is 62 years old



I t was double thickness that ended up the same width as a seam on jeans

You know the hem measured and then all raw edges tucked in and double folded and pressed then pinned and hand stitched
It hangs straight and level and glides over the hips with the skirt flaring nicely

I am thrilled with it


Oops just measured my hem

It’s about three quarters of an inch for my hem
I am hopeless at estimating measurements

Yes I am a daft blind old bag


I’ll be off to bed. Observing the apolitical slant of this board, I feel able to state that I am currently considering my affiliation with an undisclosed Party.
Bugga the lot ovvem, says I.
The king prawns were luvverly, Carinthia.
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


The PUE, Soo? Prawns for Universal Embuggerance? I think the party, if it is to have a chance of taking off, needs a song. I shall sleep on that, small fuzzy one.
G xxx


Feel free, Gus. I am completely open to suggestions.
Soo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Gawds, Lettuce avva Drink, Dahlinks

Twellsy, make yerself a long weskit wiv pockets out of the rest of the denim - you’ll find it really useful

Don’t play the Blind card either - yer just Bluddy Daft …:wink:

I had Prawns wiv Spaghetti & Pesto today

Food fer the brain, & all that

Proffers Pitchers