So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Tomorrow I await a call from the Practice Nurse -Practitioner so that we can sort out our next step, which is probably thyroid



Hope it goes well for you.


Chilly grey day. Time forra warming



Wot a good idea birdie

Bacon butties?

I feel that a bacon buttie helps us keep the heat in


Never say no to a bacon buttie


You can tell, can’t you.


Nah Fishy

That bird had its fevvers puffed out agin the chill


A brighter day today, but so Bluddy cold



We have sunshine, but it’s very chilly with a fairly brisk northerly wind. I don’t feel like going out, so prolly won’t.
Soo xx


I am basking in the sun in the conservatory

Only 24C thus far


Grey and chilly and persisting it down.


52°F here in mt own personal, metric denying, time warp.

Very pleasant. Bright but a bit windy.

Have today completed on selling the m-i-l"s house which meant a weekend doing the packing up that Mrs. S surprisingly put off to the very last minute. … including today & an hour over the agreed time.

Our house looks like Steptoe’s yard now.


Congratulations on a good job done

I am tidying in 4 rooms at Carinthia Towers

It’s a work in progress




Don’t strain yerself, Carinthia.

[pourity] [pourity]

(Incidentally, Comte de Senneval champagne at Lidl is Not 'Arf Bad.)


Good enough for me to have bought half a dozen at £10.99 per.


The future of the Estonian Slammer is secured…:wink:

Thank Gawd

Full Moon tonight

Wonder when I should start howling



If and when That Fish refuses to relinquish the fizz?

Nice Fishly work securing a case, I must say :wink:
G xxx

How went it with the Nurse-Inquisitor?


I am to have a blood test on Wednesday, so that we can see how the Thyroid is doing

Internetty has been dreadful here this afternoon/evening . I think that it would be easier to open the door & shout…:wink:

An Slammer may revive me




[Slam! Slammity!]
There you go, dahlink. Copious slammage.

It’s got newts in. The internet, I mean. Or possibly small walruseses. Cold enough for that, as well as unnecessarily wet.

G xxx


I blame the prawns.
Soo xx