So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Aye, them too, little pink barstewards. They’ve probably reverted to blue, though, cookedness be damned.
G xx


Waptop has done itself 3 Updates, so I am hoping to get through without as much trouble…



Here izza Gorgeous Newt:

The difficulty wiv the Estonian Slammers is not the champagne but the vodka. Estonian vodka is getting harder to obtain. We may have to have Rationing.


How about Riesling?


Awww. Cewt nute. Whatever he’s on (surface, I mean, not recreational pharma) doesn’t look very kind to newtly feet, pore little feller…


Inna Slammer? No!


No - instead of Rationing!


As in any port inna storm, joe?
Soo xx
I lurve that newt. Wanna newt.


Thank gawds for that. I was worried about you there for a minute. Is this man Fit to Herd Chickens? I asked meself.

All the evidence suggests that you are, of course…

I too wanna newt. Anna Bonnie


Good nights.
Soo xx


Pretty newt that one

I am gone to bed

Sweet dreams all


Picks self up from the floor

Scrambles in an Undignified Manner onto Chaise

Contemplates Other Vodkas


Don’t forget yer Gin, Soo

At least that seems safe…



We still have plenty of the Koskenkorva…

Orf to me nest.


‘Plenty’ is an interesting and variable measure.
Have we exploted the possibilities of highly trained and incentivised moles and some sort of undersea pip? Failing which, it’s back to the tankers.


omnes: "Oh, if flipping only"
Exeunt omnes


Careful what you wish for…



Rubbish mousiness abounding at the moment. I am a most unsatisfactory playmate. But we both know they are not real, so what is point?

Gus getting all hot and humiliated and Apologising is the point. And I must now step away from the keyboard. Mice are being boringly two-dimensional and we have stairs (aye, we do. That’s progress for yer)
Oh glory be, we seem to have calmed down slightly. I shall be taking some tea to bed, and possibly a mouse, want it or not.
Now burying catly self in shoe (why??)
Urgle. 'Night!
Nighters, Cellarites, come along Pussen. and mousens.


That newt is, surely, is stood standing on a road his presence was invoked to prevent.

For a creature in such danger they don’t half turn up a lot when it’s convenient.


Clear blue skies today. Small tseepy birds made slightly nervous by this alien apparition.



Morning all

Nearly typed Norning there but we can do without Norse fates just now

'Swet here


Bacon butties and fresh loaves on the table

I will be cuddling the range