So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


… & today #2 son on ‘Good Morning Britain’. About the capped alcohol price in Scotland. Which is interesting as he’s not Scotchish and doesn’t drink.

I had to ask, it seems Suzanna Reid IS as beautiful in real life as she looks on TV. That’s my ‘take away’ from this event.


Wot have you done wrong, Armers?



ARE them as don’t drink and live inside the tellybox hooman beings?

Or is it my imagination?

Confused of the gin lake here


Toasted wholemeal Pitta bread here, with Brie , if anyone fancies some …



I’ll snaffle some of the pitta to dip in my very own Brie Lake, if I may…


Proffers Pitchers

I had better make sure that my blood is a good 40% Proof for the morrow… :wink:



I have Bluds tomorrow too… Going to bed. G’night.


I have blud test on Thursday

So no spinach for me tomorrow


That’s 2 whole armsful from The Cellar tomorrow then

Ponders a Fish wiv arms…



I wouldn’t ponder, meself, I would apologise a lot hide. Behind bulletproof pondweed.

Coming over all poetic now, finding that (still) I am vertical … but I would rather be horizontal.

Goodnight all
G xxxx


Hope all the phlebotomising tomorrow goes smoothly; sympathies to Twellsy re spinach deprivation. Shame.


All today’s plans have been disarranged, but not necessarily in a bad way.



Also I have just found out that Lidl is doing a Scottish Gin Festival starting tomorrow.

One of them is called Shetland Reel. Really.


Well I’ve given my armful

Hope that everything is ok, Dunnock

Is there any way I can find out if a telephone number is ok?

I have received a 'phonecall - automated ‘voice’ purporting to be from BT this morning. It’s a Freefone number ie 0800



Put it into yer web searchy thing of choice…

(Or and various others, but the general search is usually most productive.)


Less than happy here

Took my sore leg to the quack

Going to hospital in case it’s a DVT



Bah! indeed, Twellsy. I hope it isn’t, and that they sort you out and return you to the wild PDQ


That’s “sympathetic” rather than a “like” like, obviously. Hope it goes well.


VodkaSparrer waiting on the launch ramp…


Sympathetic ‘Like’ from me too , Twellsy

Go & get it sorted

Thanks for your help, Dunnock, or do I owe Feral Techie a Beer?

Have picked my way through various options, & been in touch with my service provider, which is TalkTalk

It looks as though it was a scam call


To this end, I have ‘installed’ CallSafe which will filter calls on the landline, so anyone 'phoning me on that will hear a message


I might have to Liberate an Pitcher or 3