So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Feral allus accepts Beer.

[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]

(ring ring) “This is Not In Bombay Honest technical support, it seems that you have a problem with your vodka.”


[Gusly chortling]

‘If your vodka seems sub-standard as you pour,
There’s a bunch of helpful chaps in Bangalore
Who will drain your bank account of a sizeable amount
And deprive you of the means of buying more’.


Shortest phone conversation I’ve had in a while was last week:

Landline rings.
“Hello, this is Windows Technical Support, I’m calling about your computer”
"No you aren’t - this is a scam"

A shame they rang off, in a way, because I’d love to know what they thought they could do to “support” the array of Mac and Linux systems that are all we use.

Oh - and we never actually use the landline and have never given the number to anyone. Even I don’t know it.


I usually tell them I don’t have a computer. I used to say I only had Apple products (not true) but last time I did that they offered to put me through to their Apple support department!


That would be a tree?


“Sorry, but I don’t have a phone” could be even better.


Love it, Gus

I worked from home as a dressmaker for 29 years , so lots of people have my 'phone number



Am back

Need gin

They are unsure about me leg so it will be scanned soon

At least it was the local medical assessment unit rather than ye olde plague pit

Now about this gin…

Or do I ask for beer?

Or both?


You feel you have to ask? What is this place coming to…


Speaking from experience, if they hadn’t been fairly sure that it wasn’t a DVT they wouldn’t have let you go home, Twellies. My DVT made them Anxious, and wanting a scan pretty-much immediately to make sure about it one way or the other.


I am at the stage where clots are home treated near enough

Scan was not done as the technician wasn’t there today

She only is there on two days a week


[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]

“Oh dear, that is a very serious problem, you should take all the vodka in the house and send it to Not In Bombay Honest Safe Disposal Unit, a division of Sparrer’s Bruvver Enterprises.”

Thinking of which a local dunnock has recently seen off two robins… just by Looking at them. He’ll go far that lad.


Internetty is like treacle again tonight

Hey Ho

Have decided that my fingers aren’t up to crochet ATM, so have made 18 Poppies out of felt & presented 2 friends with the wool & pattern to knit/crochet some more


I won’t, of course, claim them as mine

We are up to 11,000 of the 30,000 required

I think that calls forra Pitcher or 3




I am about to go to bed, so I’ll take a Minnow End with me, too.

Good nights.


I could be persuaded if you feel that you will be coming up short, dere Chatelaine.
G xxx


Werl, I could always 3d print you some…

Goatburger-making tomorrow.


Where do you obtain the liquid goat, dere? Or are you making them by the more conventional method?


The trick is to keep the nozzle temperature low enough that it doesn’t coagulate.

We also have Beer, wot arrived today from a new local brewery.


Aye, coagulated nozzles are always best averted.
“Avert your coagulated nozzle!” as no one has shouted, ever… Pity, that.


Gosh, Dunnock

You’re a Clever Birdie, but you know that

We have until November, Gus , but I can send you the wool, & pattern

The man who designed the ceramic poppies came from the area, & we are a bit miffed that we haven’t yet seen them

Goatburgers & Beer