So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Oh pooh, Gus

Booooo to Tesco.


But look at the lovely card that was made for me and dropped through the door just now:


Aaaaw. By whom ?


Blimey Gus

You’ve had a day ovvit, & no mistake

Love the card

I have been to a Garden Centre on my own !

Garden Centres are No Fun on one’s own, but I had to get a Gift Card as a present

Sneezed myself stupid too

Hey Ho

Liberates Pitcher


ETA: Friend has just informed me that there is a nearer Garden Centre , but when I heard that they have snakes there, I’m glad I didn’t go to that one


Evening all

Gawds Joe that is scary!

It nearly had me squawking at the Bull in case something had got past his defences of our network


The little girls (two of them, delightful children) of Patchfaced Oaf’s family. Hence the floating bowl of catfood - at first glance, I wondered crown or tiara type of a yoke, but then I read ‘cat’ on it and got the message…


How’s the leg, Twellsy? Hope you have been more comfortable today


Snakes is scared of birds. Well known fact.

Specially birds wot know where they live.

Orf to me nest.


I second that emotion, Gus.
Your day has been a tad rubbish, but the arrival of That Card must have ameliorated some of it. I hope.
I have encouraged local politicians by casting my votes. The Polling Station wasn’t exactly hopping and the most engaging thing about the whole business was noticing that the pencils were Easily Detachable from their strings.
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx



Have you broken something, Hedgers?
Oh, you’re asleep.
Soo xx


That’s always been a pretty crap alibi, tbh
G ;- ) xx


Don’t ferget yer Gin, Soo



Not scary so much as shameless. I can call any mobile or landline in Ireland and the UK without incurring additional fees, but not the provider’s own alleged “customer care” department. Charging for access to the helpline is pretty iffy to begin with, but specifically excluding the number from customers’ monthly allowance is frankly taking the piss.


Most specially-charged lines forward to a geographic number, and the advertisement-ridden is dedicated to revealing them. I don’t know whether there’s an equivalent for Ireland.

Blue sky, about 4/8 cloud coverage. Good barbecuing wevver, if it holds.


Also, we’ve got to 10,000 posts…


Not quite, but five from now.


And I have opened a new cellar in case.


What gets to me on items like this is that it’s not accidental or an oversight. If it was then it’d be rectified.

No. These things happen after discussion and thought. I can imagine the scene when it was proposed and agreed and oh, how they will have laughed.


So shall we open the last cases in the old cellar?

(9998 - I wonder who the last visitor will be?)


There are ways of making sure.


Like this.