…some observations on Sunday (May 12th) episode…


Having shoved Phil and Jill out, or so I understand.


…oh my goodness! I think you’ve been reading my thorts! I very nearly brought TheOldeGrundgie into the reference, but thort it a bit complicated, and if I’m honest the demise of the fine thespian who brought the character to life (…so to speak) never even crossed this feeble mind! (…is there room on TheNortyStep for a couple more sinners?)


TheNortyStep is infinitely expandable on this Board…



…and so did I! (…I would have said “me too!”, but perhaps “moi aussi” might have been better!)


Well, Ruth having told Jill that there was no way she would be getting another grandchild while David-and-Ruth were living in the bungalow.


…sorta like the flat above YeOldeVillageShoppe in Ambridge? Tardisization perhaps? Anyone else remember the infinite skirting boards?


Personally, I wouldn’t have fallen for that one!


Tonight’s episode would seem to support my speculation above; there was a definite valedictory feel.


…again (my bad) I misread that as dragging off which I must admit was a bit… …oh well, “Gee up, Bartleby!”


Yes, I think they wanted to make sure they got his “last words” in.


He may be about to die, but I think he will speak again before he leaves; giving good advice and cheery comfort to Clarrie was nothing like all the valediction I was expecting.


It sounded pretty valedictory to me, Joe giving Clarrie his last blessing. I was waiting for him to say her children would rise up and call her blessed.

I’m sad the actor has popped his clogs and his delivery was wonderful, but that was a dreadful bit of writing!


Yup, it was.


I think they are desperately trying for something as memorable as Joe comforting Jill, and failing to get there.


Just to be clear, I wasn’t suggesting that this was Joe’s final scene, simply that the overall tone was valedictory, obviously leading up to the Big Scene, probably on Friday.

That’s how things have been in TA for a long time. The SWs have got lazy, relying on the actors’ skill to overcome poor scripts. On the rare occasions Joe did get decent SLs, the performances were superb. They were few and far between, though; the last I can remember was with Mildred, and in particular his reaction when he heard of her death. He was wasted on the endless Grundy scams.


…yes indeed, I’m finding that with most of the recent offerings, actually! (…and I’m certain I’m not alone!)