…some observations on Sunday (May 12th) episode…


LittleLordFlauntYerPile’s line “…nooks and crannies” (misheard by yours truly as “…crooks and grannies”)

Clarrie-Luv’s line about LLF’s dropping his price… (again, my thoughts: …what? to £14.99?)

I think CL had the best line of the night: “…oi don’t want George or Kiera anywhere near him”

…and later, TheLizard talking to LLF re. “…some we win, some we lose!” needs to focus on POTUS #45’s mantra: “Winning is everything!”

…another script hot off the StympletonTrypewriter, what’s the betting?



It’s usually a new writer each Sunday, except when they double up at the end/beginning of a block.


Wasn’t Poppy there too? And if not, where was she? And if she was, is it OK by Clarrie for her to mix with drug dealers so long as George and Keira don’t?


Well, she’s got to learn some sort of trade…


Of course! I should’ve thought of that. And Clarrie would love her to learn it from a toff. “My granddaughter is a protegee of LittleLordFlauntYerPile. We’re so proud.”

(I’m relieved that was not LittleLordFlauntYerPiles, as I thought at first.)


…the SWs might be sharing resources? “Needs must when The Devil’s in the driving seat”


Who knows. But it is fine by her for all the grandchildren to mix with someone who seems to think it ok to encourage them in theft.


I wasn’t so keen on the reference to Joe and his trap, when we all know Edward Kelsey is no longer with us. Dragging out the now inevitable storyline of Joe’s passing seems to be a bit tasteless, but I may be wrong, perhaps they are waiting to give him a good exit.


Some “dragging out” is logistically inevitable, I would have thought.


“Separating from the wreckage” perhaps?


[ Beady Glare], Hedgers. You know perfectly well what I meant.


I would have expected that they have recourse to deviate from planned storylines and edit scheduled episodes if “things happen” in RL. I wasn’t a listener, for instance, when September 11th happened - but I’m sure they didn’t carry on without remark that day or the next? And in this case I would have expected the “death of Joe” to have followed in a more timely fashion.


I wasn’t listening then either, Kara, but apparently after 9/11 David and Ruth went up Lakey Hill and Ruth said they were ‘Sooo loooky’ and multiple listeners gagged.

Did anyone here listen to that episode?


The programme is recorded in blocks several weeks in advance. There are infrequent ‘topical inserts’ of a line or two to reflect current events. However, presumably you would also want/expect Joe’s death to get more than a passing mention.


There may still be episodes in the pipeline in which Joe speaks - I believe Edward Kelsey was recording up to a few weeks before his death.


Edward Kelsey was in a nursing home, so it’s possible that he decided to step down on health grounds some time ago. I suspect the whole “Grundys have to leave Grange Farm (again)” SL may have been planned round his departure, with him finally getting his wish that he see out his days in his “true” home. The dignified way he accepted that they would have to leave (kudos once again to Edward Kelsey) would certainly suggest that such a dénouement was in the pipeline.


I did, they did, and I did.


Snork! That bad, eh?

I listened to an episode of Woman’s Hour yesterday (it was from about a month ago) and some women from the Adademic Archers conference were very amusing. But when they commented that most people didn’t like Ruth, specifically that they didn’t like the voice, Jane Garvey came down on them very sharply and told them Felicity Finch is a fine actor. I had to laugh. The women obviously didn’t know FF’s connection with Woman’s Hour and that they were not allowed to say anything less than gushing about her.


Lowfield, Wednesday 12th September, 2001

At the end of a very hectic and unusual day, Ruth and David have time to reflect on the dreadful news from New York. Their problems seem so insignificant compared to the thousands lost in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and they are powerless to help. But they are looking forward to their new life at Brookfield with their little family.