Sometimes you get a fascinating insight…


Nicolai Nabokov, Igor Stravinsky and a film crew…


I don’t do facebook, joe, but liked this because I’m sure I would, iyswim.
Soo xx


I know exactly what you mean. Have been trying to find an alternative way to access it, but it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else. Will keep digging, though…


Bingo! Not only an alternative, but more of it. There must be still more - will see if I can track it down.


And here’s the whole thing! 49 minutes - looking forward to settling down with a glass or two to watch it tonight.


Doesn’t look as if that link is working. The address is


And this like is because I did. Thank you!
Soo xx



Thought that I had Posted about this 3 hours ago

Another one into the Ether…

I too will listen/watch later