Sour grapes, mAdam?

(…on hearing Pheeble’s GoodNoos re. ½ million quid!) Well, having been a bit of a Wild One¹ back when I was a teenager, I think Re-Wilding might be the making of Ambridge (see threads passim)

¹ taking vehicles without the owners’ consent, driving whilst under-age (…well, 13½ aksherly) and divers other norty things!


The official announcement:

Esteemed Mr Fhibei

It is with trust and confidence that i write to make this urgent business proposal to you. i was assigned by Mrs Pegy Wolly to seek a partner who will assist us in providing a convenient account in any designated bank abroad for the transfer of £500,000.00 for utilization and disbursement with the owner of the account.
_ _
this amount results from a deliberate inflation of the writers’ ego and the wishes expressed by the agricultural editor at 2am after the office christmas party. the contract has been executed and payment made to the original contractor, remaining only amount of £35.5 million owing at the bar, which we want to transfer the funds in our favour for disbursement among ourselves.the transfer of this money can only be possible with the help of a group of gullible idiots who will be presented as the beneficiary of the fund.


Lilian Bellamy



pished ash a fart


And now it looks as though the whole rewilding project is a non-starter, so I suppose the dosh will go to the Smugsters of Boakfield. I can but hope that it will be project for Josh and Ben, leaving Pip to rewild her navel fluff.

It’s not going to happen, though, is it?


Pip to be cast out and Ed employed as a herdsman would seem just fine to me.


Anuvver fort…

Why weren’t all these conditions made clear before awarding the prize? Shouldn’t the proposals have included some sort of properly-costed business plan?


“But what we can’t work out is how the virus got to the cows in the first place.”

Because then Peggy wouldn’t have had as much enjoyment out of her horrible relatives scrabbling for her money. (Which I assumed was the point of the exercise from the start.)


On the cast out bit, we are as one. On the ‘Ed employed etc’ front, we are not.
This is of course wivvout the dubious beenefit of listening since Sunday, you understand.


I thought of it as being completely devastating for Pip, who was patronising of him beyond words when he saved the heifer for them and she collared the credit.


There was a point??