St Shuggs being "called" by God…

…has prodded this old and somewhat warped imagination to fancy a visitation by Death¹ to The Stables one dark & stormy night (…SFX, please, MrSoundEngineer) along with Binky…

…oh, what fun and hilarious japes! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

¹ as in


Can’t see the thought process, but DEATH is always welcome. Particularly at The Stables.

Silver teapots melted down for a special Special job and competitive (historic) ant-shoeing. Hearing it clattering about would last only a summer season at the most, surely?


…well, this might help: (…of course familiarity with The Incredible String Band’s “The Puppet Song” might be useful) - I was musing on exactly what God might be like (…well don’t we all?), and remembered ISB’s “Puppet Song”:

…and (…for those who would like to to sing along):

…and from there, it was a simple step to Sir Terry Pratchett’s “Death” etc. etc.