Stolen combine


The most contrived excuse for an actor’s non-availability yet?


Good, wasn’t it?

I would have thought they would be able to see where it had gone by tracing its tracks through the snow.


And Kate has to text her comments. I’m surprised WR didn’t consult Ben.

The scene was also entirely incomprehensible. I would have thought Keri Davies has been at this long enough to have learned that a crowd of people shouting over each other does not make for good radio, but it seems not - he inflicted it on us twice this week.

And we welcome yet another terminally dull male character - this one apparently the secret love-child of Rhys and Patrick, but lacking their wit and sparkling personality.


He ought to suit Kirsty very well, then, shouldn’t he?


But there are no tracks - just a wide swathe of churned-up ground that could have been made by anything! Curse those wily thieves.