Stray Dog wanders in


Hello, all. I used to be a Mustardhound but have managed to be directed here after a bit of a fracas. Off for a Bonio, a drink and a good sleep. Smells nice. Wuff.


Waves to Snarklehound



I suppose you’re going to want to shed hair all over the sofas. Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome! Havva marrowbone to be going on with.
We are somewhat discombobulated tonight, but stick around, eh?


Welcome! I’ll just line up this bone behind Gus’s…


Oh hurrah! You made it.


Welcome, Snarklers! Very good to see you.

I well remember your brilliant ‘Ambridgistan’. Refresh my memory, there was some secret regarding David (can’t remember his Ambridgistan name) - was it ever revealed?

Wait, lazy Janie, go and look it up yerself. Ah, here it is in Peet’s, I’d forgotten it was called 'It Ain’t 'Alf ‘ot, Ruth’. Off for a good old read.


Eh ?

'Oo are you ?

What d’ya want ?


Welcome Snarklers! Glad you’ve finally joined our merry throng. Make yourself thoroughly at home! Lots of room to stretch out and luxuriate by the hearth, and no one to push you off the furniture (well, maybe the occasional chicken…)


Incidentally, the general categories here (“The Archers”, “The Archers Spoilers” and “Not the Archers”) are not set in stone; we can invent new ones if they’re wanted.


Thank you on behalf of all for the lovely welcome. I’m just wandering around for a bit to see what’s where, but one question rises: is there any way to keep posts on this site only and not have them on my general email inbox? I share the box with very sympathetic OH (the real Judy) but she won’t want comments on say David’s eating habits to be mixed up with her Council business.
Ambrigistan seems a long time ago, but Brian’s and Jennifer’s moving house sounds a bit like Partition without the massacres (yet). I don’t think David ever had a secret (other than his utter uselessness), but can anyone guess Lord O’Scorne’s first name?


If we do, they will not be compulsory. And there will be no unilateral moving of threads/posts by the Staff. So there.


Click on your user icon at the top right, then on the cogwheel below it; that gets you to your user preferences page. Then click on “Emails” in the list on the left, and you can determine when the site sends you mail.


I have mine ticked beside “Send me an email when someone messages me”, because this site is a fairly useful way to send email to someone if you’re not getting through by ordinary mail.


Either Sean or Reginald.


Emails sorted, thanks, same as you suggested. The name is Biblical.


Gronk…uuurrrggghhhh… myommyommyom…graaapphhhh… Yes , what isit, Grundy Din?

Wheeze… splutter…mahout’s …pheeewww…lung…beggin’ yer pardon …David Arch…wheeze…My Lord…gasp… The Viceroy… whhheeeeze…hobble…stagger…

Graappphhh!!! Onan!..Come in and sit down…slurp… braaarrrpppp.

Well, strike me cold if it isn’t Little Dave, my old Fag. Get up off your fat arse at once and tell that spavined old retainer to make me a chota peg, ek dum. Then toddle off yourself and warm the lavatory seat for me…

Yes, Onan… Braarrrrrpppp. Just like old times.



Start a thread, Snarklers!