Sugar is sugar

…whether provided by Aldridges or Carters. So why is sticky disgusting chocolate cake provided at one party pretty much poison and sticky disgusting frosted banana cake something to be disappointed the brat ‘can’t’ have a piece of?
A) Stupid to have parties on the same day for a child who has no notion of what its birthday is
B) Stupid not to have discussed a joint sugar policy, quite irrespective of parties, if control of the wretched thing is being parcelled out here, there and everywhere, which it must be.

If the thing lives, which unfortunately it now seems like to do, then it will be a thoroughly boiled sprat.

Meanwhile, Alice, raise an objection to it having bags of snacks in its pushchair (ugh, revolting sight, that), something its father permits when he is in charge.


Having two parties was Alice’s idea, and having the vast great party was Alice’s idea. Let us not apportion blame equally for that particular piece of stupidity.

Since Alice knew perfectly well that there were to be two parties, she could have taken a little care at the first one rather than not bothered to keep an eye on her child except when taking photographs. Then she would have been able to say how much sugar the brat had inboard rather than just saying airily “Oh, I have no idea, but I expect she’s wearing most of it”. Sugar could have been eaten at both parties if Alice hadn’t apparently abrogated any responsibility for looking after Martha to the not-yet-four-year-old Rosie Ruth Grace Archer, who was clearly not up to the job, so that she could not say whether the brat had consumed one slice of cake or fifteen.

Also, since Alice clearly knew perfectly well when Chris would be arriving to collect the brat, she might have made at least a minimal effort to ensure said brat was fit to be sent to her mother-in-law’s house with him, rather than a disgusting sticky mess which he would have to clean up, as well as being hyper all night.

Easy for Alice: she wasn’t going to be kept awake.

If a male who had decided he was going to have a a divorce then behaved in such a way to the wife whom he’d washed his hands of as not being good enough for precious him, it would be as odious as Alice’s casual treatment of her daughter’s principal carer. And I would be equally annoyed by the nastiness.


And presumably the Carters steaming ahead and having their party on the same day

was also Alice’s idea…

Wasn’t it said that she was with Pip and Arrhg? (not LA-ed, funnily enough)
I still maintain it was hypocritical of Chris to be moaning about the brat not being able to take good, wholesome Carter sugar on board. And will no one think of the ducks? (‘taking Marfa to feed the ducks’ cf ‘I’ll take this bread to feed the ducks’)

And why were the likes of Jazzer and Pip there on what was clearly a weekday morning?


I have the pleasant dilemma of not being able to decide which of the two proud parents I dislike more: Alice for her totally self-centred flakiness or Chris for his joyless carping. I know, having anything to do with the sober but exceedingly annoying Alice would make it hard to be joyful and but still …

As I recall, Alice insisted on the big party that Chris didn’t want, fair enough, but what possessed either of those two idiots to think that it would be a good idea to have both parties on the same day? A cake-covered child was surely a perfectly predictable result of the first party. I do think Alice might have made a bit of an effort to clean the child up rather than handing over a sticky mess and expecting Chris to do it. She really is a bit of a horror.


I think that’s a bit of an understatement.