Talking of ghosts…


…any chance of the ShadeofNigel coming back to frighten the living daylights of Russ/Lily/WidderBeth (…in any order) as they all so richly deserve?


I feel that the Baleful Influence [OMT] of an Unquiet Ghost [OMT] might in fact account for many of the current storylines.


So might some of the more insidious rotgut spirits of the distilled variety, Sparrer.
But the answer to “what are they on?” is “surprisingly large amounts of money, considering”, I fere…


…why do the words “Scruff Gin” flash into this excuse for a mind?


Aye. The Ghost of O’Connor.


< mode=hopeful >
Oh, has he died?
< /mode >


I am reminded of Miss Dorothy Parker’s remark when told that the very taciturn president Calvin Coolidge was dead: “How can they tell?” (…pauses to reflect on just how this might have any bearing on TA’s former BossFellah :thinking:…)


Only from the neck up, so no change there.