The Bull landlords


When the Archers first started ther was a different landlord- it was several episodes before Jack took over - What was that landlords name?


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His name was Sam Saunders, Rubble.

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and I have just updated The Bull to include its landlords before Jack and Peggy bought it in 1959.


Thank you - this has been a debate for several years in our household . Most of my family said I was suffering with some form of memory loss in reverse. Also it was on at a different time in those days.


Yes, indeed, and not on the Home Service either: in 1951 The Archers was on the Light Programme at 19:45 on weekdays and then moved to 18:45, with the Omnibus on Saturdays at 19.30.

If the rest of your family want documentary evidence about the Bull’s landlord in the 1930s and 1940s, it is in the entry “BULL, THE” in The Book of The Archers by Patricia Greene, Charles Collingwood and Hedli Nicklaus, published by Michael Joseph in 1994. Sam Saunders is not in the BBC Genome project in the Archers casts there; did he speak?


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Oh, and for a short time it was on the light Programme at 11:45!


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