The Christmas moral


was clearly “If you get drunk at Christmas you will regret it.”

Tom and Oliver would both have done better to stay sober.


“Get drunk on your own, rather than in company you can’t trust (including your family)”?


Sound advice!


Did. Don’t.


There’s still time, joe


I actually felt sorry for Joy

Thanks Tom I now have to think less bad thoughts about Joy!


Why? Tom being an objectionable Twonk doesn’t make Joy any more tolerable, does it?


Sympathy for her ought to have been evoked before now, when she cried on Tony’s shoulder about her daughter not wanting her.

But somehow it wasn’t.


“That’s why you have a life and friends of your own, dear, rather than defining yourself just as Whatsername’s Mother. This isn’t the 1950s, and it hasn’t been for a while.”

Small personal peeve there…


As someone who was defined as *X’sdaughter" I sympathise with Rochelle

And I do feel for Joy but not enough to like her

I am even thinking that Tony has his good points

Damn you Tom!


Tony has always had his good points; he has never been as nasty to his vile wife and offspring as they have always deserved.

I know that Gus sees this as a fault in him, but gawd, he has had enough provocation to try the patience of a saint.


It is. Or at least, the vileness of his children is partly his fault, and failing to subject Pat to the beatings she so richly deserves is remiss of him.


I did question the point of this storyline. Was it supposed to be funny? Was it supposed to endear us to Joy? Is something actually going to happen between Joy and Tony? Have they decided that they needed to find a way to get Natasha back in Pat’s good books, and THIS was the strange way to do it?


Will anyone find the bodies?


Your guess is as good as anyone’s…

That is what you might call an FAQ, these days.


A case of nasal sex?