The electric equipment


under the Village Hall stage was all inundated in Ye Grete Fludde.

Everything under there was thrown out in 2015, so I don’t know where all this left-over panto stuff may have come from.


Apparently they’re doing the Magical Kingdom of Fungus ‘n’ Mould…


What a shame there aren’t any big old houses in the area. They generally have attics stuffed with antique furniture.


Quite. Sigh.
Bad writing is one thing. Stupid plotting is another. But when both come together you get - [ left blank for submissions ]

(my submission, when the descriptives and intensifiers and just plain filth have been pared away, is ‘irritated’)


The Archers


I was also confused what Russ was looking for, old dusty furniture and lamps are, surely, in the attic already - panto lights and panto horses not required for spooky stories!


‘Because plot’, dere. You aren’t still expecting it to make sense, are you?


A thorough kicking?

Just had a thought [Well, out with it before it dies of loneliness - Ed]

A suitably “atmospheric” set design, heavy on the oil lamps and candles, could finally bring about the prophesied burning down of LoLo. (SOCO probably has Stimpleton programmed hypnotically…)


oh dear that would be dreadful.

Assuming all the family to be awake and able to flee, that is