The gay boar


…which reminds me, what on earth happened to BaconBoy’s Footy-playing Porkers? They seem to have vanished without trace! :roll_eyes:


Weren’t they eaten?


…certainly not by this vegetarian (…of 50+ years standing) :astonished:


Ah, must have lost a match then. Tradition! (In this case Mesoamerican tradition, but you can’t have everything.)


I thought the mesoamerican tradition had morphed a bit and the worst a losing team can expect is for their home villages/quarters to have been razed to the ground by the time they return.


Truly, we live in degenerate times.


Well I look forward to seeing the racing pigs again at Christmas

By then they will be ham bacon and sausages and black and white puddens


Still catching up (gawds know why)

“You tried Neil again?”
“Yeah, but it really ought to be Basil”


Since Basil is Neil’s property, surely it is Neil’s business to replace him if he isn’t functioning as he should?